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Thread: Good, newer, low system demanding games needed....

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    Default Good, newer, low system demanding games needed....

    I'm in need of some great games to play on a laptop. I travel alot and my powerfull desktops stay at home, so BF2 is not an option with a laptop containing a 1.3GHZ mobil CPU, 512mb system Ram, and a 64 mb intel videocard.

    I just finished Heroes of M&M 4 plus its expansion (Great time killing game) and have been thinking about reinstalling Starcraft and its expansion and maybe even C&C Generals and its expansion providing that one plays good on it. I've played both of them before but its been awhile, so maybe I'll find some interest in them again even though I can't see me bonding to old material again real well.

    What I'd really like is something new and worthy of my time that can run on a system like mine. Anybody have some suggestions?

    Update for Yawgm0th. Celeron M and and ofcoarse the MHZ was a typo error.
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    Default Re: Good, newer, low system demanding games needed....

    they are older games but, all of the civilization games are low resource users and I find that when I get into a game 6 hours just seems to disapear. Great for flights.

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    Default Re: Good, newer, low system demanding games needed....

    Assuming you mean 1.3GHz Pentium/Celeron M, then anything short of a newer first-person shooter or a couple real-time strategy games will do. Pong would lag if it's really 1.3MHz, and a lot of what I'm about to say doesn't apply if that's a Pentium 3, Celeron, or Athlon.

    HL2 and CSS will run on it fine at lower settings. Hell, Doom 3 would too, barely, but then why play a game that has nothing going for it but graphics on crappy onboard graphics?

    The original Half-Life is a must if you've never played through it. Easily my 2nd favorite single-player first-person shooter, with HL2 coming in first, just barely.

    All the Quake, Doom, and Unreal games will run, though Unreal Tournament 2004 would perform terribly. Everything else would be fine. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a great Quake 3-based FPS. One of the better iD Software FPSs, IMO.

    The original Deus Ex is a great game, depsite it's age. I'd say it's somewhere around third or fourth out of my favorite single-player FPSs.

    Max Payne and Max Payne 2 are also must-plays. They're actually third-person shooters, but if we're ranking just shooters, they're between the Half-Lifes and Deus Ex for me. They're great games that will run easily on that system.

    If you're into RPGs, Fallout and Fallout 2 are easily (not IMO, either; I consider it fact) the best RPGs for those who aren't either stuck on the stereotypcial fantasy setting or who are unable to differentiate a hack 'n' slash (Diablo, for example) from a true RPG.

    Oh yeah, Diablo and Diablo II are also worth a run through.

    There are tons of good RPGs that will run on that. Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, etc. Lots of good D&D-based and D&D-esque games will run on that system. Hell, I can't think of any that won't. NWN is the newest, and I've run it on an almost identically-powerful system (P4 2.0/512MB/64MB Intel).

    Morrowind will run on that, though I never really liked it. A lot of people do though, so it may be worth a shot. First-person RPGs seem to 50/50 with, meaning I only like half of the good ones, instead of all of them as with third-person RPGs.

    You could even grab an emulator and play Playstation games on the PC. I've considered playing through a Final Fantasy game like this for some time. There are PS2 emulators that don't really work, but Playstation will work fine. You can also play Nintendo 64, Gameboy, SNES, NES, and GBA games with emulators. Again, Final Fantasy comes to mind in the case of NES and SNES. Earthbound is another great SNES RPG that comes to mind.

    Another interesting RPG series is the Escape Velocity trilogy. The third game is even made for Windows, though you can play the other two if you're willing to take the time to get a Mac emulator working. They're space-based RPGs and quite enjoyable IMO.

    The old X-Com games (UFO Defence/Enemy Unkown, Terror From the Deep, and Apocalypse) are all great if you're into squad-based tactical TBS/RTS (the latter game having the choice between real time and TBS, all three having some RTS elements). A similar series is the Jagged Alliance series, though I could never get into them. Fallout Tactics is also there, and it's not bad, despite a few major problems. I'd say all of these games are worth playing through.

    As mentioned, there's the whole lot of RTSs available. Starcraft is a great game and as timeless as Fallout and Half-Life. Hell, it and Counter-Strike are the two most-played games today, bar none (BF2 and Halo 2 have come close, though), and are like sports in South Korea and the United States, respectively.

    As was said, the Civilization series is great. I prefer III myself but both III and II are still very playable today.

    That reminds me of the Recent Sid Meyer's Pirates! remake, which is quite good (though I never played the original). I'd be hard-pressed to assign it a genre, but it's pretty fun and will run fine on systems far worse than that.

    The Total War series is also decent, though I could never play the first two after Rome - Total War. Rome will run on that machine, but it'll have to have most of the graphic effects turned off to handle that weak video. That said, it's well worth the TBS aspect alone. I found it to be like a very time-specific, improved version of Civilization. The same applies for Medieval Total War.

    That's enough for now, I want to post this before I accidently lose it all somehow. If I think of anything else, I'll edit it in, though I've listed quite a bit as it is.
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    Default Re: Good, newer, low system demanding games needed....

    Hey guys, I've all but forgotten about the civilization series. Very good but I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to jump back into it yet. Was 3 the last one?

    Yawgm0th, thats a very impressive list and a few in there that I had in mind, a few that are all played out for me, and a few in there that I'll add to my list. I'm going to dig up NWN, I had it on my harddrive many formats ago when the game was new but never really had the time to get into it much back then.

    HL2 and Doom3? Forget it, I'm not into playing games in slow motion. I might just have to test them at low graphics setting just to see if they really would run on my system but I'm pretty sceptical about that.

    Sid Meyer's Pirates! I agree, good game, but I wish they would have done away with that ever annoying sword fight scene that you have to play over and over again.

    The emulators you named all work good. Will have to check into a Playstation ones though. Didn't know there was a good one, but I haven't looked into that stuff for years now so finding what I want might pose a problem.

    I've conquered my fair share of South Korean's at Starcraft but I'm afraid the tide would turn on me if I tried that again after all these years.:)

    I'm thinking the RTS and turn-base games will work the best on that system, Not sure if newer ones like Act of War would be playable at a mid graphics setting or even at a lower setting for that matter.

    Thanks for all the ideas and please keep them coming.

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