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Thread: C++ learning to code 3d game question

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    Default C++ learning to code 3d game question

    I'm learning to code in C++ with no past coding experience period.
    Its coming out ok, I go to forums a lot and practice codes all day with the books I have.

    Question: From the start to the end.. What do I need as far as books and programs to be able to code and create graphics and everything there is to make a novice 3d game. From that point I can get better to further the skills I'm learning.

    Heres what I have so far..and to start, all I'm doing for now is just learning to code in C++. The rest will fall into place after I learn C++. I am just wanting to know what I need to fulfill my dream to make a novice very nooby 3d game.

    C++ prgrammers guide to the STL
    Sams Teach yourself C++ in 24 hours
    Beginning C++ game programming
    C++ how to program
    Data structures and algorithms in C++
    Algorithms in C++
    Data structurs and Algorithms Analysis
    Directx 9 Programmable graphics pipline
    Beginning Directx 9

    3ds Max 7
    Macromedia Flash mx 2004 pro
    Adobe photoshop cs 2
    Paint shop pro
    Borland C++
    Bloodshed DevC++ (I prefer using this one its seems much simpler, then again what do I know).

    Thanks for any replies that will help me or possibly someone else.
    Still learning about Computers, I ask because I don't know.

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    Default Re: C++ learning to code 3d game question

    I don't quite see what the Tweak Cafe has to do with programming, but I've fixed that anyway.

    As for your question, I think you'll have better luck elsewhere, either at a site specifically for programmers, or simply a larger site such as Anandtech, where the knowledge base is much more diversified. You also might have some luck with Google. They also may have something relevent on

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    Default Re: C++ learning to code 3d game question

    Man, if you spent that much money on books and software (assuming you didn't pirate them) you should just take a small class. You will learn much more and understand it easier. Otherwise, C++ or anything related to advanced programming is damn difficult to learn and apply on your own. Trust me, I've been doing that in school for almost 2 years. See if anyone will share their work with you on other forums and such, if mine wasn't school work, and personal related I would help out.

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    Default Re: C++ learning to code 3d game question

    (assuming you didn't pirate them)

    In the old west that suggested statement would get you shot in the head. Don't worry you can state all you want. You're safe behind your monitor.

    So basically you don't know what it would take because you did not read the post well (assuming you can read and understand).

    Sorry for posting in wrong area but this question was posed to me from someone over in the DevC++ forums and I had no answers there or other posts. I thought to take a shot at the computer buffs here. See if anyone here could have an answer. Beer Garden seemed like an area you drink a few and talk about what ever comes to mind.
    Still learning about Computers, I ask because I don't know.

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