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Thread: old game...... still slow?

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    Default old game...... still slow?

    please help. i know its an old game now, but i bought battlefeild 1942. the game is great, but it runs amazingly.......slow and ****. considering that the bf2 demo runs faster than it, there must be something wrong.

    pentium 4 northwood 2 ghz
    ECS fx-a 648
    128mb geforce fx5500 overclocked slightly
    generic 2 x 512mb pc3200 ram
    dodgy pata 160gb drive

    all my other games run as well as can be expected, like nfsu2, max payne 1 and 2, halo-(choppy)
    im playing the single player so far.

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    Default Re: old game...... still slow?

    Are you playing it online or offline? and have u tryed messing with the settings in the game itself, when i got BF2 i had to turn the graphics down a notch to get mine to run right.

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    Default Re: old game...... still slow?

    well BF 1942 is hardly as demanding as BF2, have you installed all the latest updates?

    Also (and slightly off topic) have a look for the "Forgotten Hope" mod and add on maps, if you like BF 1942 then the Forgotten Hope mod will blow you away.
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    Default Re: old game...... still slow?

    update: it playes fine on my new athlon rig, so its okay. i think the cpu time given to AI must have been a majior factor. thx for mods tip - il get it certainly. the game is almost as good as bf2!
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    System Specs:
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    Asrock Dual-939SATA2
    Sapphire Radeon X800GTO2 chip r430 @ 480mhz core/540mhz mem with 1.6v vcore
    1gb Corsair XMS TwinX PC3200 timings 2-3-3-6 at 400mhz
    250gb Hitatchi deskstar T7K500 SATAII disk
    160gb samsung spinpoint PATA disk
    Asus 1608P2 DVD+/-RW Dual Layer
    Unbranded 500W PSU single 17A rail
    Innovatek and Asetek Watercooling (triple fan radiator)

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