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Thread: ps3 well just like xbox360

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    Angry ps3 well just like xbox360

    ps3 well just like xbox360 yup ps3 has a lot of problems with it i took my ps3 back to game stop and got my $900 bucks back the guy at gamestop brought his back two he is just as mad at sony as i am maybe he said xbox 360 and ps3 came out two soon heck well all know wii was suspost to come out last year but we all know why nintendo did not realse it untail now thay had bugs in it any nintendo will not realse something when all of the bugs have not been worked out of the system unlike sony and microsoft does i got a xbox360 this year when it ferst came out and yeah it took it back it kept missin up but now ps3 how so many problems with sony might as well just recall it and fix all of the bugs b4 rereleasging it but now wii is the best one out thair if you want something you know wont **** up all of the time
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    Default Re: ps3 well just like fagbox360

    $900 for a PS3 at Gamestop? Do they think they are E-bay now or what?

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    Default Re: ps3 well just like fagbox360

    First problems I have heard of. Judging by your literacy, are you sure it isn't operator error?

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    Default Re: ps3 well just like fagbox360

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!! I love how the early adopters of these junk consoles are mad when the initial releases don't work right. Real men game on PC's anyways!.. Serves you right! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by casecutter View Post
    Real men game on PC's anyways!.. Serves you right! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One 8800GTX is soooooo much more powerful than ONE PS3 and XBOX360 together! WHAT A JOKE!

    Wii is the only console worth supporting. Only $250 which is reasonable, and it plays exclusive NINTENDO games NOT available on PC. Most not all games that come out on 360 and PS3 that are worth playing are or will come out on PC. I got me a $100 monster cable DVI->DVI. I plug it in my 36" HDTV and play in TRUE HD with my wireless mouse and keyboard. Once DX10 games are out, my friends with 360's and $900 PS3's are gonna be drooling.

    If you built a quad-core SLI (quad SLI is possible) you will be future proof for longer than 360 and PS3 will be around. I'd rather spend $900 on a 8800GTX and AGEIA PHYIX engine than a PS3 that will be less powerful than a gaming rig.

    NINTENDO has it right. Console gaming is simple and fun. PC GAMING is where you go when you want complex gaming and graphics. Can't wait to build my new rig. *DROOOOOOOL*......

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    Default Re: ps3 well just like xbox360

    I do believe that the Wii is for fun more than stunning graphics, the 360 and PS3 seem to want to achieve great graphics which is stupid b/c a console doesnt last compared to a comp. plus you can do a lot more with a comp. and you can upgrade!
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    Default Re: ps3 well just like xbox360

    My PS3 works fine. However, I'm a PC gamer, so I hardly ever use it. I've mostly been playing PS2 games, in fact. But still, no problems, except for a few lock-ups when web browsing. But why would I web browse on a console when I rarely game on a console?

    The only thing that bothers me about the PS3 is the lack of the promised [email protected] client and the fact that I had to spend $15 on a USB memory card reader for my PS2/PSOne memory cards.

    I think I would enjoy the Wii more for games right now, but within two years there will be at least five PS3-exclusive titles that I will consider must-haves. But the fact that I actually found a PS3 at a retailer a week after launch without looking was reason enough to get that over a Wii or 8800. Plus, for $500 it'll be a hell of Folding machine, once they get a client made.
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