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Poll: What do you think of Quake 3: Arena?

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Thread: Quake 3 Arena

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bahamut Zer0
    The engine isnt too bad. The lighting engine needs serious work however...

    As a game- its rather unimpressive and repetitive. I honestly cant see what the fuss is about. Theres no strategy- its basically whoever can shoot a rocket launcher reasonably well wins.
    Wow wee.

    I play UT instead. Lots more weapons, heaps better map layout and the gameplay is fast and furious . The day I find it repetitive and boring like Q3A is the day I stop playing FPS games. For MOD play- TacOps or Infiltration. (for realism/CS style gameplay)
    *bows down to Bahamut Zero*

    Finally, someone around here with some taste.. :)

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    This game has unreal graphics but eventually gets very repetitive playing in for hours

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    Q3 is pretty kewl...good for the reflexs coz its such a fast game...
    At the request of wiggo ;)

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    Highly, highly overrated. I like UT much better, but I am partial to Unreal and UT-based games. Probably because I saw Unreal rendered with my brand-spankin' new Voodoo 3 3000 AGP I got for christmas a few years ago :D (I still have it, and will be buried with it)

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    I played the demo multiplayered over the uni LAN, and haven't been inspired enough to buy the game for myself. I LOVE Wolfenstein tho - based on the Q3A engine. Tho I still think the human movement could do with a little more accuracy - in terms of the physics modelling.

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