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Thread: racing games who plays em

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    Quote Originally Posted by SegiY
    F1 2002 is more like a arcade game and GP4 is more a simulation, that has always been the case with the EA games compared to Geoff Cramond's games.
    Also how do you make a game about a season that is not even finished, there statistical data would be out, and the paint work, sponssors, drivers, etc.
    Gp4 was meant to be a simulation but it was way off...

    Um i guess they take a guess at it hehe. drivers dont often change during the season apart from 1 this season i think...
    but i prefered driving the latest liveries and drivers and also having the toyota cars in the game. since it was brought out half way thru season 2002

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    My favourites are Colin McRae Rally, Viper Racing and Revolt but I have quite a few others. ;)

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    Um i guess they take a guess at it hehe. drivers dont often change during the season apart from 1 this season i think...
    But drivers always get played around with, and teams and cars.
    one team could start shocking at the start of a season and wind up good by the end, that was the case in another EA game all the McLarens were better than anything else, but by the end of the season Ferrari was on top.
    Also weather is a big factor in GP's and i know with GP3 if you race at certian tracks where it poured the chace of heavy rain is greatly increased.
    And with the latest teams, etc. you have always be able to modify the data in the GP series, everything from paintwork, to helmets, to tyer grip, to bodies,to everything you can think of, so if you want the 1980 season, with enough work you can even do that.
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    yeah thats right...
    but a big selling point for most and i was one of these people is that it was based on the 2002 season. Well at least the first half of it. There will always be addons for the second half which is out now for f1 2002 but this one isnt official. GP4 will only have unofficial addons to get a season 2002 package.

    i cant wait until Ea get tehir act together in the weather effects then it would be great...

    on another note Leadfoot is suppossed to be great fun multiplayer might have to find a copy in a shop and give it a whirl

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    in my opinion Need For Speed 4: High Stakes, was great, and is still the best in my books to date.

    great game, graphics are abit out, but still bloody entertaining!!

    nfs 5 turned out to be more off road racing, in the demo anyway!! :thumbs do :thumbs do
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    I have played:
    NFS 2 and 3
    Colin McRae Rally 2.0
    Viper Racing
    Moto Racer 2, and 3
    Insterstate 76
    Star Wars Pod Racer (this count? hehe)
    Moster Truck Madness (not sure what version probably 1)
    and a handful of garbage games that aren't worth mentioning.

    However, a game Noone has mentioned yet, and is made by 'Codemasters' who also makes colin Mcrae rally, is an offroad game called "1Nsane Off Road" And it is GOOD! It is without a doubt the best driving game i have played. But it is mainly off road, so some might not like it for that reason.

    I don't like road racing games because it always seems to come down to map memorization, timing the memorized turns, and knowing when to back off on the guy your drafting so that you can accelerate and bust inside on the next turn, or whatever. And so if I'm playing against you, i don't want to beat you because I've memorized more of it- ya know? What good is that? And thats where 1NSANE comes in... there are SO many maps, with SO many game variations, and SO many different vehicles. There is no way to memorize it all, which means competition comes down to spur of the moment performance and luck, and not a pre set mental algorythm... But thats just me... hehe... plus the single player isn't excellent as well (beefy :P )

    My next fav racing game was the Moto Racer series, btw.

    Ive always wanted to ask an american what is so damm appealing about Nascar racing. Frankly, the whole idea of being able to make a left-hand turn at high speed doesnt really make a whole lot of sense to me. Wheres the skill? or does it not matter?
    I have the same thoughts, but just to give you an idea, in a recent poll done by ESPN, the most popular sport in America is Football with 32% of the population claiming it is their favorite, and I was amazed to hear that only 1% chose NASCAR. My point is just that its not that popular, even here. We just have loads of people, and 1% of Alot, is still alot. --heh. ;)

    I do watch nascar once in a while, and what I like about it is the performance of the drivers under such high stakes. They ARE going 220 miles per hour, just inches from the next car, and the walls they hit, aren't moving at all. But I like to watch just because I am amazed by extreme skill, in any form. And you can say what you want, but for a driver like Jeff Gordon, to win so much of the time, has got to be one incredibly talented person.

    I have played less than 100 holes of golf in my life, but I love to watch Tiger Woods, because the guy is already easily in the top 5 athletes that have ever lived. That kind of dominance is unreal, and so it interests me, even though I can't relate to the sport personally.

    So yea, I'm weird. In general, I'd say that 1% of us are just hicks. haha :P

    But I will also defend the sport a bit more, Indy and Nascar racing has funded the design of MOST of the technology in YOUR CAR, no matter where you live. In fact I can almost guarantee that EVERY part has been affected one way or another by Indy and Nascar. So it is neat to me in that aspect. But no, I don't own anything that says nascar on it, so i'm not that big of a fan.
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    Watching skill. I never thought of it that way, but i'm the same. Although people will laugh, that's one of the reasons I watch the wrestling. Yeah, I know it's fake and all, but some of the stuff they pull off is amazing.

    Also a big fan of all the novelty events in sports.. like show-off stuff on the X-games, and billiards trick shot shows and stuff.

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    It really depends on your interests i guess but i play basically only road racing games. And the most exciting thing about racign against other people online in f1 2002 or racing my kart is that you are racing against people that know the track just as well as you some probably even better. I think this is where more skill comes in to actually make a pass against someone. For example you goign down a straight on the inside line you both knwo the last possible point that you can slam on the brakes and still make it around the corner at a decent speed and it basically comes down to who has the biggest set of balls on them will brake the 1-2 cm's later and make the pass.

    Anyone who drives at over 200kmph with less than a metre between the car infront or behind deserves alot of respect and the poeple who consistently win even more..

    i think i dribbled on to much here so ill just shut up

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    so what you are basically saying is.. you like watching skilled people. :D

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    yeah its a fetish of mine

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