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Thread: System Requirements for UT2003

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    FFS a 16MB TNT2?!?
    Like someone said, i cant see it working (at any decent speed/detail) without a GF3 or R8500LE minimum

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    I agree with Beefy.

    I also believe that there is no need to wallow in the past. Q3 has been out for 2.5 years, no need to do a remake of it. And when UT came out, Q2 had been out for 2 years, and UT was graphically Q2 with botched gameplay and an array of weapons designed to attract newbs. Which had all been tried already in a Q2 mod called "Chaos Deathmatch" Damn near ALL of the UT weapons are included with that Free mod.

    And I agree with BZ. It IS all about gameplay, but if UT2003 suffers from the ailments shared by UT, HL, CS, etc, Then I don't see any improvements being made as far as gameplay. But I will without a doubt, buy it and give it a shot. I'm a huge fan of competition.
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    Once again, I'll say things come down to personal opinion. I liked UT much better than Quake 2 / 3.

    Here's a question though... If something looks terrific, but plays the same as everything else, then is it a better gaming experience? Not necessarily better game play... just a better experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthtanion
    Looking back through the responses of this thread, I can't see where anyone claimed that a game that requires more power is a better game.
    Nobody said it in those words, but it is pretty obvious given the other threads on this are of the board.

    gameplay vs game experience is a bit of a grey area. Depending on how you look at it, they can be the same, or be entirely different. I see them as being in different worlds. q3a was an experience. I saw through the pretty colors and 'wow his head just flew past my mine' crap and realised this just isnt what everyone had raved about for the year or so before it was released. It was dull, repetitive and yet horribly addictive and popular. With UT (and other games, UT is just one and many examples) I saw gameplay. I needed to have my brain turned on to achieve results. The game stimulated me in ways q3a never could/can.

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    I ran UT2k3 on my bros pc which has a TNT2 32MB at 640X480 and the slow framerate was unbearable. I'd say I was getting an average of around 10-15 FPS. I don't see a TNT2 being anywhere near suitable for playing UT2k3.

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