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Thread: SOF...II question

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    when playing TDM or CTF, it's ok to run around and not worry too much, because you respawn soon after dieing.. but in the other, more serious ones, you gotta be more careful.

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    thanks anyway for ure help last night BK, it has worked well :thumb:
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    i pretty much spend most of my time playing in tdm's I started on ctf but i like tdm much better.

    Question thou.. do you know any other games that are like sof online? I have ghost recon didnt care to much for it, Red faction dont care for that at all!

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    Unreal Tournament 2003 is a bit faster paced than SoF... It's cool. Battlefield 1942 is another excellent one. The actual shooting in the game is a bit different, but you can fly planes and drives tanks and stuff. it's a lot of fun...

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