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Thread: Need for Speed Road Challenge in XP

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    I have a original Need for Speed Road Challenge CD!
    It's running well in Win 98, but not in XP.
    After the installation in XP, I've been asking to
    insert game CD!
    Is there a way to play this game in Win XP?

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    Have you tried the usual trick of right-clicking on the game's icon, selecting Properties>Compatibility>Run this game in compatibility mode>Windows 98 ?

    Have you also tried getting a No-CD Patch for the game from GameCopyWorld or MegaGames so it doesn't need to check for the CD?

    If so you may be out of luck...

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    Ive had/seen little sucess in getting NFS1 working under XP. Its a pretty old game, built on DirectX 3 functions. Dont expect much.

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    From what i have heard, 2,3, and 4 don't like 2k/xp either, exen with pateches.
    Haven't tried my copies though.
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