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Thread: Unreal Tournament Stalling

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    When I play UT, the original not new one, it stalls during game play. It started when I switched from my T-bird to XP processor. No other hardware has changed. I even downloaded a patch (4.36, I think) eventhough I never needed a pathc before, but it didn't work. I even tried loading the latest Hyperion drivers, but it still stalls. Any suggestions?

    Epox 8k3a
    XP 1600+
    WD 80GBSE

    I read somewhere that UT was sensitive to OC'ing so processor and VCard are both at stock, but it didn't help.
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    1. download Nvcleaner
    2. download dets 30.82's
    3. nvclean any nvidia drivers and install 30.82's

    4. check your temps ?
    5. what hsf are you using ?

    get back to me with the info

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    CPU temps are ~46C after a deathmatch. I went throught the gammit of NV drivers, I am using 23.11 which I loaded after last fresh install. So there are no old drivers gunking up my system. And frankly none of the newer drivers improved performance. I would rather not upgrade my video drivers just for the sake of upgrading.

    I did remember that I ugraded one other piece of hardware at the same time I upgraded the processor. I went from 256M Mushkin pc2400 to 256MCorsair PC2700 XMS. I have reduced the memory timings to the least aggressive. Still no go. Is there a problem XP processors or Corsair memory?

    I played the game for a long time with my 1.4T-bird @ 1663 and my mushkin memory at the most aggressive timings and my 23.11 dets with no problems at all. I played the game right out of the box!

    It is a little frustrating to watch the image freeze only to see your body parts scattering when it unfreezes! :scream:

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