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Thread: Max Payne 2 Confirmed Wahoooo!!!

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    Check this out guys:

    In a conference call, the publisher mentions that its upcoming games include a PC version of Vice City for 2003, sequels to Max Payne and State of Emergency for 2004, and more.
    Take-Two has today reported its earnings for its most recent quarter, which showed profits that exceeded expectations because of the record success of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Take-Two also mentioned some of its big upcoming projects during its conference call on earnings.For its 2003 fiscal year, which ends in October, Take Two expects to release a number of PC products, including a PC version of Vice City, Railroad Tycoon III, Serious Sam 2, and Hidden & Dangerous 2. As for console releases, the publisher plans to ship PS2 and Xbox versions of Mafia, The Great Escape, and Manhunt, among others.
    For its 2004 calendar, starting next November, Take Two confirmed a few more big sequels, notably Max Payne 2, a new Grand Theft Auto game, and a State of Emergency sequel. The publisher wouldn't say if any of these were planned to ship before the holiday season next year.
    Take-Two also publishes 3D Realms games but declined to specify when Duke Nukem Forever might be released. However, the publisher did say that it would announce a date at least 90 days before the game ships and it confirmed that the franchise will be released for consoles as well as for the PC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fedele
    Take Two expects to release a number of PC products, including a PC version of Vice City, Railroad Tycoon III, Serious Sam 2, and Hidden & Dangerous 2.
    Ummm, Serious Sam 2 has been out for a long time now... :)

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    Serious Sam 3 maybe....:confused:

    Vice city is great for 2 weeks....:thumb:
    - Damien

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    Max Payne 1 was great... pretty short, but great :).

    Gotta love the comic strip cutscenes... and a great storyline :).

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    Hmm, the Serious Sam 2 statement is indeed a bit puzzling. Perhaps SS:SE wasnt what we thought. Or it didnt exist....there is no spoon...

    Anyway, Max Payne 2...meeh, story wasnt all that gripping. Pretty predictable. As for gameplay, ive had my fair share of 'clear room-move on-clear room-move on' games this year.

    Hidden & Dangerous 2 should be pretty sweet.

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    i forgot if it was a year or 2,ive bought a copy of hyper and it gave a cd and in that cd was a movie of duke nukem forever. it said it will be out looks great but if has been 2 long years and ive heard nothing of it:( i was dissapontedalso 3d realms said max payne 2 will be out next year(look at my avatar......sweet)also seroius sam 3 will be out soon and half life 2 will come out some time next year

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