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Thread: My CS Clan is falling apart

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    like the subject says :(

    well here is the story:
    the leader got caught cheating a while ago with aimbot or wall hack or something (i can't remember), then just a few days ago he got caught cheating AGAIN :(

    the best player in the clan (IMO) is probably going to leave and so are another 2 or 3 i think (we have 14 ppl in the clan), now that leaves 10 or 11 ppl left in the clan, cos we are going to kick the "leader".

    should i stay or sholud i go?

    and if i go, should i join another clan or should i go solo?

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    Do what everybody is doing these days- leave CS entirely. Cheates are everywhere. My clan leader was caught cheating as well. After I was talking to him about how cheaters ruin the game (not letting on that i knew he is a cheat) he then set us up on a server and away we went. He had the balls to cheat right in front of me- didnt even attempt to cover it up or anything.
    Havent played CS since.

    If however, you still find some enjoyment in the game (if you do, tell me where it is) id leave & go solo

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    well..thats a tough one eh?
    if the rest of the clan you are in now are a good bunch of ppl, then maybe u should isnt that easy to just leave and join another clan unless u r really good and a recognised player..

    so i'd say either stay, or go solo for a while, get some practise under your belt. then go show off to some other clans, maybe they'll offer u a spot. but if u really wanna be in a clan then the easiest thing to do would be to stay where u are, and..if u arent happy with the clan u are in. u can let other clans know u are available. while still having the enjoyment of playing in one while waiting for offers:)
    bottom line is...its a game...have fun!:D
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    Well lemme tell ya something i know, If u are going to stick with that clan and the best guy left u better make for damn sure that your others members are willing to work their asses off. My clan and I went to the CPL this past year and hard work and teamwork is THE MOST VITAL thing u can have. So ask em if they wanna work, if not ditch em

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    Perhaps the best method is to hang with the people who don't cheat.. That's what I do in D2 as well as Q2-3, etc.. It just takes all the fun out of a game to cheat. Why use a crutch? If you suck, you suck.

    Yeah.. there are plenty who suck lol. OWNED
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    if the cheater leaves you can stay otherwise bolt

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    Haha, where's the option to select "Leave CS for Q3"

    CS is nice and slow paced, something I'd suggest to my Grandpa, or other person with slow reflexes... but its more real and stuff HA! Realism sucks, when was the last time you died, only to click and reappear in a familiar place???

    Case in point.

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    The terrorist/counter-terrorist mod for Q3 was just released last week. Its called Urban Terror - uWwwhoouuuweeee, scary stuff

    Anyhow, I'd be interested in hearing what people think of it. Might be a neat change from CS.

    Personally, I'm stuck on DoD presently. And just when I was getting good, the new version is released with a whole new play for the weapons - recoil. Yow!!!!

    Still it won't be long until I can :snip: the majority of the absolute newbies playing. As for the rest of the players, well they'll be doing :snip: to me for some time to come, I fear.

    Oh well, it's not the winning that matters, it's the playing that counts - yeah right! If I keep spewing drivel like that I'll soon end up like this: peace: instead of this and that would be totally:thumbs do

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    I would like to join dude, e-mail me at [email protected] :devil:
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    nah, all is good now, clan is back together, cheater has been kicked :)

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