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Thread: The Phantom

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    Phantom Game Console™

    If you have a need for blazing fast processor speed, cinematic graphics, and Dolby Digital™ Surround Sound, then experience the Phantom Game Console™ for a true high performance gaming environment. The Phantom™ provides access to more games of every genre than any competing product. Phantom’s breath-taking speed, graphic realism and Dolby Digital™ 7.1 Surround Sound put it in a class of its own . . . the must-have high performance game console. Experience the new world of Phantom™.

    Phantom™ Advantages

    Phantom™ is the next-generation game console that supports PC games, games on-demand, game rentals, game demos and seamless upgrades. It is the fastest game console on the market and includes a broad selection of pre-loaded games. Phantom™ offers gamers a more exciting and compelling gaming experience than any other game console or PC on the market. Phantom™ is an always on broadband device, which allows gamers a wealth of options, from wireless connectivity to massive multiplayer capability . . . to allowing gamers to demo and experience games before purchasing or subscribing.

    Phantom™ Features

    > State of the art design and technology
    > Pre-loaded games that appeal to wide variety of users and gaming needs
    > Ability to download more games than offered by other game consoles
    > Leading edge peripherals> Seamless upgrades and patch managements

    Register to Pre-Order your Phantom™ Today

    Register at to be contacted to pre-order the Phantom Game Console™. Online ordering is expected to begin this October.

    VR 030815 Phantom™ Standard Components

    > Fits in any 19” entertainment center
    > Custom OS on Windows XPe kernel
    > Up to 3.0 GHz processor with 256MB DDR RAM
    > High-performance nVidia video card
    > High-performance Intel motherboard
    > Dolby Digital™ 7.1 Surround Sound> 100+ Gigabyte internal storage device
    > On-board RF wireless modules
    > S-Video, RCA or component video and PAL
    > 10/100 baseT Ethernet> 1 wireless controller
    > Wireless keyboard and mouse
    > 2 USB ports
    > 4 controller ports
    > 12’ Port Extension Cable

    Phantom™ Optional Components

    > Controllers, wireless and corded> Keyboard and mouse with charging base station
    > Storage expansion for additional game storage
    > DSL modem
    > Cable modem
    > Wireless WIFI card
    > Memory upgrades
    > Speaker sets
    > Flat screen displays

    Infinium Labs

    Infinium Labs is an industry-leading global entertainment and interactive game company. Infinium Labs has developed and is marketing its flagship product the Phantom Game Console™, a leading edge and intuitive game console and delivery system that is the performance leader in the interactive entertainment industry. Founded and managed by senior interactive media, entertainment and technology leaders with proven industry experience and success, Infinium Labs markets a robust game console that appeals to a wide audience of interactive gamers with its ease of use, quality assurance and robust delivery system.

    Built By Gamers for Gamers™
    Infinium Labs Press Release

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    phan·tom also fan·tom

    Something apparently seen, heard, or sensed, but having no physical reality; a ghost or an apparition.
    Something elusive or delusive.
    An image that appears only in the mind; an illusion.
    Something dreaded or despised.

    Resembling, characteristic of, or being a phantom; illusive.
    Fictitious; nonexistent: phantom employees on the payroll.

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    leaves a lingering impression.................considering the competition in this market, millions are squandered before dimes are made

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    Behind the Infinium Phantom Console: Many of us are well aware of the buzz surrounding the Phantom gaming console and the promises made by the company developing it. We look past the hype and press releases and take an honest look at who's behind the Phantom and the success of their previous ventures


    More information

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    Phantom Impressions
    The Presentation

    A crowd of about 300 had gathered in one of Full Sail's larger classrooms for the monthly meeting of the Orlando chapter of the International Game Developers Association. Our guest speakers for the night were Infinium Labs, the company behind the oft-maligned and highly mysterious Phantom console. They were cautious with information, and while they did spill some details about the system, it's hardware, and their business model, they left a lot of critical questions unanswered. It was information about The Phantom, however, which until now had been almost non-existent.

    The speaker for most of the presentation was Robert Shambro, one of two large Italian fellows who looked like they could moonlight as enforcement agents for various underground loan agencies. Rob spoke eagerly and seemed genuinely excited to present the Phantom and it's details to the crowd, but there was definitely a shiny coating of PR and spin covering the words of his oration. The other speaker was a third man, a generally non-descript laid back fellow by the name of Tim Roberts, who is the CEO of Infinium Labs. He answered a few questions but for the most part Rob did all the talking.

    Yes, they did bring an actual Phantom "console" to the meeting. It looked exactly like the mock ups on the Infinium Labs website, and was about as big as a standard PC-- just picture your home desktop laying on it's side. Yes, it even had that glowing blue Phantom logo on the front. There were no visible controller ports, however there were some USB ports in the back, along with various outputs for S-Video, Component, A/V, a few USB ports and even a FireWire connection.

    Read the full article

    Glaximus / Penny Arcade

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    First picture of Infinium's Phantom console?

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    this looks awasome....i wana beta test it! :smokin:

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    Phantom console to use Windows XP

    Infinium Labs and Venturcom, Inc., a leading provider of embedded solutions, and a Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Gold-Level Member, announced today that Microsoft Licensing, GP has approved an agreement with Infinium Labs Corporation to use Windows XP Embedded for operating system components of the Phantom Game System™. Venturcom will provide its expert Windows Embedded developer support along with the Windows XP Embedded licenses to Infinium Labs for its Phantom Game System.
    “Venturcom will provide an extensive and deep level of support to Infinium Labs during the development and testing phases of the PhantomOS project,” said Will Hornkohl, director of Microsoft business development at Venturcom. “Our flexible support for Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems will allow Infinium Labs to leverage our team of Windows Embedded Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) expert support personnel and our direct technical ties with Microsoft for expeditious resolution of critical problems.”

    Windows XP Embedded, based on the same binaries as Windows XP Professional delivers the power of the Windows operating system in componentized form. The licensing agreement will allow Infinium Labs to embed the Windows XP features it needs for a customized, reduced-footprint PhantomOS™ for the Phantom Game System and PhantomNet – VPGN™ (Virtual Private Game Network).


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    Infinium Labs ready to haul HardOCP into court

    [UPDATE] Phantom maker charges Web site with dealing in misinformation and defamation, while HardOCP stands by its story.

    Infinium Labs today (19.02.2004) announced it may file a legal complaint against hardware information site HardOCP for defamation. According to an Infinium PR rep, HardOCP was "one of the original sites to have spread misinformation" about makers of the to-be-released Phantom game console.

    The potential suit stems from a September 2003 HardOCP article on Infinium and the Phantom, which singled out the company's chairman and CEO, Timothy M. Roberts, for special attention. The article pointed out that several companies on Roberts' resume had gone bankrupt, and it claimed to have firsthand reports that the Infinium offices were a "ghost town" at the time.

    In a conference call to analysts and the press, Infinium president and COO Kevin Bachus said the article was "false and defamatory," and it "painted a portrait of a company intent on swindling the public...and that is unacceptable."

    According to Bachus, Infinium will begin legal action within 10 days unless HardOCP removes the article from its site. Bachus said the action is necessary for the company to maintain a "credible and direct relationship with consumers."

    Infinium has come under more than the usual amount of scrutiny since its Phantom game console was announced in January 2003. Numerous media reports have questioned the company's business practices, including a Sarasota Herald-Tribune article highlighting some executive stock deals.

    Late today, HardOCP Editor-in-Chief Kyle Bennett issued a response standing by his story. "I have extended's pledge to correct any and all possible inconsistencies or errors in our editorial entitled 'Behind the Phantom Console' personally to Timothy Roberts and Kevin Bachus of Infinium Labs and they have yet to inform of any information we presented as being not correct,' he said.


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