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Thread: New BF1942 Patch!

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    Haven't tried the Desert Combat mod yet but all of the Merciless mods work fine. I can't say that I'm exactly thrilled with the patch overall. It seems as if the planes are almost invincible now. May just be my perception, though.

    Believe it or not, of all the mod features the crosshairs are my favorite.

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    I looked at the patch info. AA cannons do 50% less damage to aircraft, as to most of the automatic handheld guns.

    There all listed on the web site. It sucks in that way. You have to plug a Figher with soooo many shells before it drops now. Considering the limited range of the AA guns this sucks.

    I think they should have change the angles achievable on the AA guns on the battleships, there up/down angles are so limited there not even worth using against a good pilot.

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    it seems ea/dice is in a very big hurry to remedy some of the problems with the 1.3 patch

    DC should alsobe releasing a patch soon to make DC more compatible with 1.3
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