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Thread: America's Army

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokin_pc
    i got a quesiton, do we have to pay to play or download american army?
    nope, it's 100% free
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PersianImmortal
    Sadly a 1.8 Celeron would be one cause of problems as AA is quite CPU dependent. 512MB of RAM is sufficient, but you don't mention what graphics card you have. If it's an GeForceMX of any kind (GF2 or GF4) then even on a 3Ghz CPU that card is incapable of running AA smoothly.
    wat thats not true on my old comp i had a P4 1.8 c ,256RAM, and a blaster 8 onboard vid card. and i got around 20 to 60 fps in game.
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    A P4 1.8 is much faster than a Celeron 1.8, 256MB of RAM is barely enough and will give you lots of stuttering and pauses as textures load, and no onboard video will run AA fast enough to give you "20 - 60fps" at any resolution or settings.

    I'm trying to give realistic advice here so people don't "upgrade" to an MX card or Celeron and then become disappointed. Fact of the matter is AA is very system intensive and even at the bare minimum options, AA v1.9 onwards will still have a lot of details which can't be switched off or toned down and hence playing on outdoor maps (or outdoor sections of most maps) will absolutely cripple framerates (i.e. 10fps or less with SAW/RPK fire).

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