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Thread: graphics studder BF1942

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    OK all of the sudden when i play BF now i have this stutter in graphics. It runs fine for 5-6 sec. the kind of hanngs or skips a frame. Its really annoying and dont know how to fix it. I have read every thread out there and some people post the same prob. but no one knows how to fix it.

    I have tried every thing, i have updated my drivers, did a reinstall of BF, defrag hard drive, shut down all prog., anit virus, ad ware, ... you name it i have done it. It even does it when i disable sound so i know its not that. it just started doing this it ran like a charm before.

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    Firstly, check other threads around... like <a href="" target="_blank">this one</a> and a lot of the other threads, and also check out the Battlefield Tweak Guide mentioned in that link.

    Also, if you've got hardware sound enabled, disable that.

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    Try turning off all background software it is a very common factor in lag.:cheers:
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