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Thread: UT2003 working only in 32bit... Little help?

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    OK, My UT2003 has never liked 16 bit, which is a bit of a prob with my setup. If I use 16bit colours the game freezes about every 10 seconds, for about 20seconds. Play, wait... Play Wait...

    Runs fine as soon as I run it in 32 bit. Don't have this problem elsewhere... um that I know of. Maybe should install some other FPS and check for that problem. Know that WC3 doesn't care, or Medieval War... :confused:

    Framerates are fine in 32bit, but not the best, especially when it matter. Any help??
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    Well at least you can choose. My friend's is stuck on 16 bit and wont even run in 32bit.

    Yet it did before fine with an avg fps of 50 or so.

    Reinstalled and everything. Nothing lets him play 32 bit now.

    He did nothing. He was playing online. Then he quit and came back the next day to play again and it told him to delete the damn ini file and he did and then he redid his settings and when he clicks apply to change to 32bit it tells him to delete it again and he cant play. :(
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    If you're not playing with 15 bots, and only online, then keep it in 32 bit color. I think 16 bit color really takes down the visual appeal of the game, especially in foggy levels. If you still want it, go to the .ini file. Under D3D (I assume that's what you're running it in), after the two lines that read "Use16bit=" and "Use16bitTextures=", type "True" (with out the quotes). This will manually change the settings. If that doesnt work, change the "Use16bit=" back to False, but keep the "Use16bitTextures=" set to True. I run the game this way and 32 bit color gives you a lot of eye candy, but the 16 bit textures keep your FPS up. I get 30-120fps when I play with 15 bots (depending on the levels and where I am) in 800x600 rez with 4x AA and high-highest settings. And you can't see the difference between 16 bit and 32 bit textures by inspecting them, never mind when you're chasing a guy with your rocket launcher :thumb: . Btw, I noticed you o'ced your Ti4200 to 300/600. I'm looking into o'cing mine too. Are you using stock cooling? If you are, then it looks safe enough and I'll o'c mine to there too :) . Hope that helps, : peace2: Mista K6
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