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Thread: Your favorite games of ALL time!

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    Hi all ,

    First of all .. a must see site for all of us who spent small 10p fortunes in arcades gone past :

    Lol funny to see us `ol grizzled gamers reminiscing on fave games

    For me : Arcade games : Nemesis (scrolling shooter) Gauntlet , Sno-bros ( bubble bobble variant ) and probably any game that involved a million and one weird add on turbo boost variant weapons . Oh and I do remember Narcs ..great game !

    commodore 64 Elite , Ghosts n goblins , Airwolf !! , PITFALL !!

    And now .. PC ... Half life ..DOD and CS , SOF2 , Homeworld , Shogun Total War , Ground Control .

    I have to say that Battlefield 1942 is rapidly becoming my fave game of all time ..

    I was around at the time of the first Atari Consoles .. and played that sh*te tennis game. My first own game was a Tandy LED handset with " submarines " and a basketball bit that to this day I have no idea how to play !

    Let`s see what else stirs the old heart strings of gamers on here ...

    Gerry :thumb:
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    myself find it difficult to put it down to a few titles :confused:

    back in the old days i remember GunSmoke on the first Nintendo was brilliant, great game. Also im pretty sure it was called "Zodiac", that was even better, alot of game time in them.

    in terms of PC games, hmm its difficult.

    Im a big fan of the Need For Speed range, however NFS4-Hot Pursuit would crown it. I looked at 5 and thought it was sh*thouse...but Hot Pursuit 2 is even better than the 1st.

    Diablo 1+2 are also up there, the graphics and lagginess in the 2nd is a bit of a letdown. Great game though :thumb:

    Mafia is really good, i loved it...nice storyline, nice style...nice game :)

    First person shooters, i would probably go for either Soldier of Fortune or not a big fan of day of defeat.

    Real-time strategy: umm id say either Age of empires 2 (aom sucks i reckon) or KKND2...

    there really are a lot of games i like. Battlefield 1942 is very very nice but i need a new box to run properly. Just finished Enter the Matrix which was pretty good...a bit too focused on the fighting though i think they were.

    There's my two cents. :)
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    has anyone hear of RiverRaid?
    I love that game! :thumb:

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    My whole list would not fit here and I dont have the time to write them all, but heres a few starting from oldest machine first.

    Commodore 64.

    Miami Vice
    Who Dares Wins 1 & 2
    Dizzy Adventures
    Manic Minor
    Sk8 or Die
    Bubble Bobble
    Rainbow Island
    Dangerous Dan

    Commodore Amiga.

    North & South
    Micro Machines
    Puzzle Bobble


    Mario Bro's
    Duck Hunt (Light Gun game)
    Back to the future 1 2 & 3
    Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
    Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
    Dizzy the Adventurer
    Double Dragon
    Double Dragon II - The Revenge
    Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
    Skate or Die
    Skate or Die 2
    Snake Rattle & Roll
    Spy vs. Spy

    Master System.
    Sonic Blast
    Sonic Chaos
    Sonic Spinball
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos
    Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

    Makes me laugh to look on the rest of your fav's and see alot of new games and old alike but who remembers such consoles as the Panasonic 3DO or the InteliVision or the very first console ever by Atari which was a machine with 20 versions of pong. lol. now that was old. also what about the Acorn with lemmings and lomax the lemming. wow fun games.
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    Well I have forgot most of the names of the real old ones. From atari to pc here it is.

    Atari 2600:Pheonix
    Missle Command
    (the rest really did suck)

    C-64: Impossable Mission
    Dragonriders of Pern
    Flight Simulator 2 (dreaded m$)

    Amiga 1meg: Star Wars
    Test Drive 1+2

    Genises: Mario Andretti Racing
    The Sonic Series

    Gamegear:Sonic 2
    Fantasy Zone

    Saturn: Daytona USA

    DC-online: Speed devils Online Racing (servers gone)
    Unreal Tournament (servers gone)
    Quake III Arena (still play, 5 servers left)
    Phantasy Star Online (still play)
    Alien Front Online with voice chat (servers gone)
    Daytona USA (servers gone)

    DC-offline:Hydro thunder(my first DC game)
    Tokyo Extreme Racer
    Crazy Taxi 1+2
    Test Drive 6
    Sonic Adventure 2

    PC: Red Faction
    Mech 4 Merc
    Quake III Arena
    Dungeon Siege
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    My new favorite PC game is True Combat . The game is like CS, but not. Picture CS with no sights (You manually have to aim your gun by using Iron Sights which will line up the sights for you to see!) CS w/out all the 12 year old people who probably say gay more than any other word, and who are screaming on the mic every 5 seconds. True Combat is actually better than CS, which I have not found any other online multi PC game capable of doing this yet! This mod for Quake 3 is too good for words :D. It alone is reason to buy Q3.
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    Amiga 500 with 1 Mb:

    Test drive, Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island, Lemmings.. many many more..


    Sof1-2, Mafia, Gta3, Max Payne, MOHAA.. many more.. :)

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    Monkey Island series
    Quake 3 CTF
    Urban Terror (Q3 Mod)
    Enemy Territory

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    Jumpman was a favorite game of mine from way back.

    Doom2 was probably my all time favorite. I still play it with the JDoom engine - lots of open gl eye candy, and many doom lovers are still writing wad files. With thousands of levels to choose from and more being written, I sure got my moneys worth from this game.

    One game I wish more game level authors still wrote for is Quake2.

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    Final Fantasy 7

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