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Thread: GA-P35C-DS3R problems

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    Default Re: GA-P35C-DS3R problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Harbottle View Post
    That happened to me - EXACTLY the same - it hung in the XP logo, and when I reset it would no longer work. Spooky. I'd say this board definitely has issues.

    My replacement has been OK so far, apart from a few lock-ups. I am very nervous though.
    Same problem here. . .

    haaayy, i doubt it. really really leh! updating Bios is too risky, . . is there any other way aside from that? btw, my mB is rev 1.0 (F4), Proc: E6750 On stock HSF. I have no plan to overclock it,, i wan it to be stable.

    help me.

    both links that GBT given us are not working.

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    Default Re: GA-P35C-DS3R problems

    Quote Originally Posted by GIGABYTE - Janus Yeh View Post
    Dear all

    We have a GGTS service, please link to

    you will get more help

    Thank you.

    i can't access the link you posted , no good. dead link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by well learnded View Post
    I have a different problem. I am not even sure if it is a mobo issue, but I am trying dearly to define the problem.

    Everytime I turn on my computer I get no signal to my monitor (THE BOARD DOES NOT RESET, it stays running, all the fans and lights remain on until i turn off the power). I built my system a couple weeks ago. the first time i tried to use it it didn't work. I fiddled with the video card and magically it worked. I could play any game flawlessly. As of last friday I have not been able to get it working again no matter what I try. I have used three video cards, (2 pci-e, 1 pci). Completely removed every component, booted without the hd and cd drive and nothing works. I know the monitor works because I can use my laptop on it.

    I am convinced it is either a mobo, psu, or cpu issue. I don't really think it is the cpu because all 4 cores were operating perfectly when it was working, but of course i can't be sure.

    Here are my system Specs:
    Intel q6600
    Gigabyte P35c-DS3R v1.1
    EVGA 8800GTX / BFG GeForce 6200 (pci)
    2GB Corsair memory 1066mhz
    raptor drive
    I am having the same exact problem. My computer will boot up and run until I turn it off. I get not post beeps but the monitor will NOT turn on. I just bought this graphics card and the fans spin so I assume it's turned on. I can NOT try it in another computer.

    Here are my system Specs:
    Intel Q6600
    Gigabyte P35c-DS3R v1.1
    PNY 8500 GT
    2 GB Crucial Ballistix 2GB model: BL2KIT12864AA804
    WD Hard Drive

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    Default Re: GA-P35C-DS3R problems

    Greetings all,

    i have a boot issue with this motherboard.

    -When i try to run the windows vista experience index, the computer boots
    - when i TRY to run the game World in conflict, the computer boots
    - when i run any highly intensive task the computer boots.

    My pc config is as follows:

    Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R with F4 bios
    Intel quad-core Q6600
    4gb ram ddr 667mhz, 2x 2gb patriot memory
    raid 0 250gb x 2 = 500 gb system drive.
    500gb backup drive
    EVGA Geforce GTS 8800 ultra 320mb with the latest nvidia driver
    Vista ultimate 64bits pt-br
    no overclock AT ALL, everything set to normal and stable

    things already done:

    - tried to reinstall windows
    - tried all gigabyte bios for this board
    - tried with just 2gb on windows

    the problem won't go away, and i'm sure it's a motherboard bios issue.


    Felipe Cunha, from Brazil.

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    I have discovered another problem with this motherboard, if unplugging a monitor and then plugging it back in, the monitor will often not recognise the computer's signal. I am sure it is not a graphics card/driver issue since I have tried different products with this motherboard and they have a similar problem. I do not want to go for the latest BIOS as I do not want the reboot-cycle problem to happen again.

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    Default Re: GA-P35C-DS3R problems

    @explicitlyrics: I've done it too but if you are hotswapping monitors then you are potentially asking for problems. There are very few components that are truely safe to unplug and plug in while the system is running. USB and SATA plugs are the only two that come to mind.
    Antec 900 case (4 120mm and 1 200mm lighted fans + UFO flashing light set + 2 12" and 1 6" Mutant Mods meteor lights) - Aerogate ll thermal controller - Asus M2N-e SLI - AMD 64 X2 AM2 6400+ - Corsair TX650 PSU - MSI 450GTS Cyclone OC - 2 X 2GB Patriot Extreme Performance PC2 6400 RAM - SATA 320 GB Seagate HD, SATA 300GB Maxtor HD and IDE 80 GB Samsung HD - Floppy Drive/Card Reader Combo - LG SuperMulti Lightscribe 18x DVD RW - Plextor PX-716A DVD r/rw - Windows 7 Home Premium 64

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    I have built two systems with these mbo's in the last month, the first with Sn starting 724 has been brilliant so on the second build I ordered another this had SN 730 and would not recognise the the 8600GTS and had multiple different failures so I RMA'd it and got another SN starting 730 and had exactly the same issues. I have switched out every single item, tried various O/S all to no avail, 4 days wasted. I am very disappointed and have RMA'd this second board (well still waiting a confirmation).

    Just thought I would add this to this mix to show there are still issues with this board.

    VISTA 64
    2 GB pC800MHZ RAM
    5 WD160 (RAID5)
    (working system) unclocked

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    Default Re: GA-P35C-DS3R problems

    Dear well learnded and explicitlyrics

    if you need newer BIOS,PLEASE LET ME KNOW

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    Default Re: GA-P35C-DS3R problems

    Quote Originally Posted by dave_99 View Post
    tcfrey, make sure your memory voltage is set correctly. Your Dominators need 2.2v. Go into the bios, press CTRL-F1, go to the M.I.T. menu and set SYSTEM VOLTAGE CONTROL to MANUAL and set DDR2/DDR3 OVERVOLTAGE CONTROL to at least +0.3 or +0.4. the +0.3 setting gives me 2.24v to my 4gb of Ballistix PC8500.

    I had to underclock my memory to 1000 to use all four sticks. Tried fiddling with memory, CPU, and Northbridge voltages to no avail. The memory tests fine if I only install 2G of it -- testing with Prime95 and memtest86 v3.3.

    With four sticks installed and set to 1066, prime95 doesn't make it past the first iteration, and memtest fails by the 6th pass.

    I also experience the same screwy voltages as the other thread, right now I'm supposedly at +0.3 in the bios, but speedfan says it's 2.26. I never installed everest.

    P35c-DS3R v1.1
    Bios F4

    Memory: Crucial Ballistix 2x1G kit (2 of em, bought at same time)

    Antec Trio 650W
    Core 2 Duo E6850

    And a side question -- does anyone have recommendations for a Northbridge heatsink that'll fit on the p95c-ds3r with a Zalman 9500AT?
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    Default Re: GA-P35C-DS3R problems


    Updated to F6 bios
    Voltages are still 'odd', but work slightly different now...
    Normal = 2.4
    +0.1 = 2.0
    +0.2 = 2.128
    +0.3 = 2.256

    Stuck a little 40x40x20mm fan on top of the Northbridge heatsink.

    Still the same problem, using all four sticks only works right if I underclock. Supposedly from poking around on 'teh innerwebs' it's a quirk of the P35 chipset -- it can't take 4 1066 sticks...

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