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Thread: GA-P35C-DS3R onboard lan problem

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    Default GA-P35C-DS3R onboard lan problem

    I finally set up my new pc based on this mobo but i'm having some problems with it. The first and most annoying problem is with the onboard LAN. I don't know why when i boot the system the onboard lan doesn't start itself until winxp pass the load screen. This represents no problem when using win xp because after it loads the onboard lan starts and operates normally. But when using linux (ubuntu), after the linux loads, the onboard lan does not start itself like it happens with win xp and i end up without lan functionallity. What could i do to solve this problem ? What i found to help is enter the bios before load ubuntu and start the smart lan, when i do this the onboard lan works in ubuntu.

    The other annoying problem is when i enable in bios the option CPU FAN Fail Warning, when enabled i always got an odd bios beep sound (much longer and louder than normal) but the system starts normally after it.

    i'm using the F4 BIOS, but this problems also happens with other bios versions (F2 and F3).

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    Default Re: GA-P35C-DS3R onboard lan problem

    Dear shimurlz
    You know,the lan function should control, so the onboard lan will start itself after winxp pass the load screen.

    And the CPU FAN Fail Warning option, I guess it's because your fan power was not connect in CPU_FAN port.

    And the linux, Do you need to setup smart lan everytime?

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