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Thread: Faulty Machine - its dead!!!

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    Default Faulty Machine - its dead!!!

    I have a friends machine I need to fix, and would love a second opinion on it please –
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    As it is in its original state, you hit the switch on the front of the machine and nothing. So, I got my Power Pack voltage tester, and nothing (but it is a Power Pack without a switch on it so it would normally run from the signal of the motherboard?).
    Next, out comes my new spare Power Pack (with an on / off switch on it J ), connect it to the voltage tester and it lights up. So, the next step is to connect it to the motherboard, only to find that the fans run continuously, and the switch led flashes on on the front of the machine. But it doesn’t 'fire up'!

    So, I got my own testing machine out, with yet another paower pack on it, swapped it over and the seme thing happened - fans running, light flashing but not 'firing up'.
    I tried to connect the old power pack to my machines Mobo, and nothing.
    Therefore, my question is –
    Would you say it was the Motherboard, Power Pack, CPU or a combination of all? I mentioned it could have been a surge, but he was unaware of this.

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    Default Re: Faulty Machine - its dead!!!

    You have got to list the full specs of this machine and all the components installed into it. Ratings and so forth as well. Noone can help you without this info.
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    Default Re: Faulty Machine - its dead!!!

    When do you mean "Power Pack," do you mean the PSU?

    If you have registered a year earlier, I have posted my old rig (see the "infamous" Recyklacooler) had a problem and It simply died.

    Yes, LEDs light, CPU warms up, HD spins, fans blow, and CD drives open, but there is no video. What is the problem? I got my mobo fried in a power surge. And yes, post your specs, and we might help you.

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