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Smart Fan Can Only Support Cpu Fan.
I never believed otherwise. In my first post in this thread, I wrote:

In addition, the other PWM header, SYS FAN 2, does not supply the full 12 V to a 3-pin fan attached to it. I had to stop using this header, because my Nexus fan attached to it wouldn't start. There appears to be no way to control the behavior of SYS FAN 2, so in effect, it's a useless header.

You see, when I confirmed in my last message that the CPU fan was working properly in F9, I didn't want to give the impression that the other problem I described (which you've ignored twice, in replies to my messages dated 11/26 and 11/27) was also fixed. I don't know if it is or it isn't, because I'm not using the header any more and didn't take my computer apart to test it after installing F9.