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Thread: GA-P35-DS3R No Post Unless Legthy CMOS discharge

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    Default GA-P35-DS3R No Post Unless Lengthy CMOS discharge

    Short Version is:
    Board will not post without hours of CMOS discharge.

    I am fairly perhaps two dozen builds behind me.
    (admittedly, most during a period of almost ancient history, 1997-2004)
    Currently, I am building a machine with the GA-P35-DS3R rev 2.0,
    an Intel e2180, officially approved Kingston KVR800D2N5K2 .
    The current BIOS level is the shipped one, F6.

    First post and XP SP2 install done with 1 stick of RAM,
    minimal hardware, i.e. 1 SATA HD, no USB panel connectors,
    one optical drive, etc. NO PROBLEMS encountered.

    Chipset drivers and vid card drivers installed no problem,
    reboots went fine.

    Only when I began the process of adding more hardware, ONE piece
    at a time, did the system stop posting.

    At this point, it exhibits the "CPU and other fans spin for a moment" phenomenon,
    no other evidence of activity.

    Upon EACH single hardware change,say, a PATA drive or some USB jumper,
    the system will require a thorough, lengthy,
    CMOS discharge with battery out, cords unplugged, etc. in order to post again.

    I have a nearly static free workstation set up with fat alligator clips to a
    copper water pipe and the case, because it is winter and a heated space.

    I am very aware of these pieces of advice:

    1. Minimal hardware or even outside case to satisfy finicky post.
    2. Reseat RAM
    3. of course thorough CMOS discharge with all cords/ jumpers

    If anyone has a clue as to anything we can do to stabilize this
    situation please advise. Maybe the problem is the relatively
    low peak power available from the PSU - an Antec
    PSU Antec Phantom 350. However, one would think that
    if all hardware were disconnected, this would be no problem.

    Also, this mobo is brand new December 27 and has not been subject
    to any misuse or rough handling and no electrical shocks.
    All behavior was exhibited immediately upon unboxing.

    Thanks very much for your time and thought
    Happy New Year

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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3R No Post Unless Legthy CMOS discharge

    Looks like the problem was a sagging +12V rail, new PSU solved the problem.


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