Anybody know of a reason why a PCI-based gameport should not fully work with a Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H (or -S3H) board under Windows XP? I've tried using a C-media 8738-based sound card which works fine, including its gameport, on an ALi Magic1-based ASUS motherboard.

When that card is installed on my GA-MA69GM-S2H board, Windows XP installs C-media's audio driver (V5.12.01.0644) and its standard gameport driver. All looks OK in Device Manager. However, the Game Controllers control panel function shows a Not Connected status for my standard joystick, regardless of which game controller I select.

So, before I buy another sound card with a gameport, I'd like to ask if anybody knows a reason why a PCI-based gameport should not work with this Gigabyte board under Windows XP? Also, if anybody has such a combination working, please can they let me know the make/model of the PCI card.