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Thread: SATA RAID controller found?

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    Default SATA RAID controller found?

    Yesterday, after 2 weeks of using my new computer and yes, with SATA hdd all the time, Windows XP found SATA RAID controller!

    REALLY? Do i have that too? WOW!

    Ok, fun stops here. Whatīs the deal with this? I canīt get S/PDIF to work, i have a very irritating high tone pitch sound coming from the board that gets louder when i move the cursor or do the sound check from the realtek panel (sound off) and that irritating sound is punctual with the test speaker by speaker and now iīve a new SATA RAID controller thatīs been found after 2 weeks of using this board?

    Every BIOS (F7) setting has been set as normal all the time and no OC at all..

    Is it time to contact my dealer for RMA or what?

    Edit: Part of the problem located, letīs see if it influences to the rest of the gang..
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    Default Re: SATA RAID controller found?

    that almost be funny but ya send it back I think :(

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    Default Re: SATA RAID controller found?

    Well letīs see in a moment if my problems with this board could all be a power source related issue..? The noise was.

    Just wondering how happy will my system be if i leave a 20-pin power source permanently connected (instead of a 24-pin) to this motherboard? Will not be adding much more hw to the system. Itīs a HTPC. Well what iīve read itīs just fine until very powerful video card.

    My old Nexus NX-3500 seems to be very happy to assist right now.. :)

    So is there going to be a real driver to allow intel ICH9R just for AHCI and nothing else, like RAID (no thank you at this point) or something as easy and secure as a real driver would be?
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