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Thread: P35-DQ6 and E8400

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    You will be fine above 1.15 And I do not know why you set 1.15 and get higher 1.24? That is strange.
    That is exactly what was puzzling me.

    I just set the Vcore voltage a few steps higher one step (.00625v) at a time and also set 1.15 voltage and all the results were as expected.

    When setting Vcore to manual the Health Status Vcore reads the high 1.204 Vcore. So I think I understand what is happing now.

    With Vcore set to manual and the bottom Vcore reading 1.15 volts, I was assuming the MB was setting the Vcore to this voltage. The Health Status Vcore is reporting 1.204v telling me the MB is actually setting the Vcore voltage at about 1.23v in the manual setting.

    Though looking at my notes Cpuz read 1.104 volts whether I set 1.15 volts or manual. So maybe its just a glitch in the Bios.

    That's motherboard_bios_ga-p35-ds3l_f8a_beta.exe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    I have found the sweet spot for my chip/board 1.312 set in BIOS loadline enabled 1.280 in system at idle and load

    0.000V Vdroop

    But 0.0320V Vdrop

    Cant wait to get my water in and go higher with less volts I hope!
    Sweet. I look forward to your observations with a water cooling setup. Maybe post it in the overclocking thread??? I don't want to miss it buried in a thread I don't read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    Here ya go, Very in depth explanation you may have read, maybe not. It is Intel Design of Vdroop
    Intel Processor Power Delivery Design Guidelines and Specifications: Vdroop Explained - The Tech Repository Forums
    Yes, I read all Kristopher Boughton's explanations at that site. He is a little easier to read than the Intel documents he is explaining.

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    Default Re: P35-DQ6 and E8400

    Ya know when in Manual the bottom shown voltage is not the setting, you must set it yourself. Where is says Normal, that is not what Auto is using nor manual. It is what the board decides it THINKS your CPU needs to run at default and is not VID or the setting used for either manual or Auto.

    So basically Ignore that I say, Even in Auto it is not going to be what you will get. Set your voltages normally and Up FSB until you cant boot up then you know you need more vcore. Keep a eye on those temps in RealTemp, and be sure you HAVE calibrated it, if you dont it like everything else will be wrong

    Yeah, Ill make a thread for my Water once I get it in, and then a few overclocks as I get them going.

    Im using a Zalman 9700 right now and those by far are not the best air coolers so I think my chip will go pretty high. I can boot into vista with my vcore as it is now at 4.2 but I dont like the temps and have watercooling parts on the way so I havent messed with much above 4ghz

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