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Thread: Serious problems booting new system

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    Default Re: Serious problems booting new system

    Well, I got an update.
    I got the replacement MB today, hooked it all up and started it.

    Same exact problem. This is getting ridiculous.
    I'm going to go spend more money and get some cheapo memory to see if that is the problem even though the crucial I have is on the approved list.

    Gotta say I have never had these stupid problems with all my other builds.
    Was going to get an Asus but read people having problems with them lately and figured I'd give someone else a try and see what I get.

    I will update when I get the other memory if status changes.


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    Default Re: Serious problems booting new system

    Unfreakin believable, I figured it out BY ACCIDENT and no one would ever guess this one.

    First the history for today. Checked online for mem on sale near me.
    Bestbuy has some PNY 667 (2x1GB) with a heatspreader on sale for $55.00, normally $196.00.

    So I figure what the heck, can't hurt.
    So I stop in on my way to work and pick it up, go to work and bust a$$ to get home to try it out.

    Pop it in, fire it up and same prob, so I start doing other things, connected extra 12v for PCIe bus, nope.
    Try mem in diff slot, Nope.
    I even tried the video card in the 4x slot, nope.
    Put the video card back to normal.
    Fired it up and no video, thinking "now what?"
    I noticed I forgot to hook up the video cable, in the mean time it starts to read the CD Rom drive, WTH?

    Put the cable back on and back to problem.

    So I go get my monitor from the desk and hook it up and it freakin works.

    This whole time I had it hooked to my TV as monitor with standard DVI cable with a DVI to HDMI adapter. I have just tried it with a straight DVI to HDMI cable (no adapter) and it still has the problem.
    I hope I can fix this cause the whole point of building this thing was to put it on my TV for gaming/Blu-ray/HD-DVD use.

    For the moment I'm glad I got it working though.

    If anybody has ideas on the video cable problem please post.
    btw the video card is Gigabyte also, nVidia 8800GT 512 MB. I got this one specifically because it is NOT the reference design and is physically shorter then standard which I kinda need (would have to mod case otherwise).

    Thx to those who offered suggestions, Q
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    Default Re: Serious problems booting new system

    Does this VGA support hdmi?

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