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Thread: F7 and F8b, F8d bios sleep problems

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    Default F7 and F8b, F8d bios sleep problems

    Hey guys

    I currently have the F8d version of the X38-dq6 bios and i cannot wake my computer up from sleep

    The computer cylces through on and off until i turn off the powersupply and unplug the AC.

    F6 had no problems going to sleep and waking up with tapping the space bar

    Any advice

    I am running the Q6700 at 3.33Ghz (333 x 10) at Vcore = 1.2875v with 8 GB of ddr2-667 ram


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    Default Re: F7 and F8b, F8d bios sleep problems

    Hi, try pulling your peripherals. I had this problem when I had a cheap usb card installed. I thought my board was bricked. I pulled the card and haven't had the problem in months. On the other hand, I do miss the extra slots...

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    Default Re: F7 and F8b, F8d bios sleep problems

    wouldn't using usb-brackets to exhaust the supply of onboard usb-ports be plenty anyway?
    GA-Z77X-UD5H # F16-mod8
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