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Thread: Can I Add RAID1 To Existing Single HDD System

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    Default Can I Add RAID1 To Existing Single HDD System


    Some talk has been around about the added GSATA chip controlled ports (purple) being some kind of cheap-o short cut but I think I see an advantage in having two separate controllers. Thus not having to have RAID or Non- RAID options only.

    I have a GA-EP35-DS3R board with Q6600 CPU and a single SATA 750GB HDD on Vista x64 - all running very well.
    The HDD is plugged into the common Intel controlled SATA (yellow) ports.

    For imaging backup storage I want to add two more SATA 750GB hard drives in a RAID-1 configuration using the GSATA chip controlled (purple) ports.

    This seems possible because it's on a Gigabyte SATA controller independent of the Intel controller. Each has it's own BIOS setting too.

    So, has anyone done this?
    Can life be so simple as to just make sure the drivers are there, configure the ports in BIOS, plug in the disks, configure the type RAID-1 save and boot?

    Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H WB Motherboard
    Intel Ivy Bridge i7 3770K clocked @ 4.5GHz
    16GB Kingston Hyper-X Genesis 2133 RAM
    Water cooling by XSPC RASA RS240 Kit
    Sapphire HD 6850 1GB DDR5 GPU
    1TB - RAID1 setup with Western Digital 6GB/Sec Drives
    Corsair HX750W Professional PSU
    Windows 7 Professional (x64) Build 7601

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    Default Re: Can I Add RAID1 To Existing Single HDD System

    Yeap, that will work for you just fine. Just be sure in the BIOS the settings you change to raid are the ones for the GA chip, which are the ones further down and not the top ones

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