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Thread: ga-p35-ds3 can't get past memory test

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    Default ga-p35-ds3 can't get past memory test


    I have had the most difficul time trying to get past the memory test for the ga-p35-ds3r board. i have trired everything I know. such as:New memory,new powersupply, check connections, reseat memeory, remove all components but basic parts to boot with. the following is the configuration i currentl have. I cant update the bios because we never enter that portion of the boot process. I can see the gigabyte log on screen but afte the memory test it sits thets likes its dead. Please help if possible.

    mb\GA-p35-ds3r bios f6.0
    memory: cm2x 1024-6400cpro 2.1v ver2.1
    PC-Power&Cooling silencer 610 eps 12v SLI
    video: geforce 7600gs 512 ddr2
    cpu: intel core-duo e4500 2.2ghz
    fan standard with cpu package
    drive: western sata digital 1600 js
    dvd-r drive: LG gsa-h55L
    key board: microsoft wireless laser desktop 3000
    will not post past memory test. this completes successfully then hangs.....
    1 short beep for successful memory test .......then nothing.
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    Default Re: ga-p35-ds3 can't get past memory test

    Sounds like you've done everything you can to me.....

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    Default Re: ga-p35-ds3 can't get past memory test

    Might not be a mem issue, might be trying to auto-detect your harddrive...

    Remove all devices, put only CPU, 1 RAM (in slot 1), VGA Card.
    Try to boot and see if you are able to get into BIOS.

    If unable to get into BIOS, then reset CMOS and try again.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Default Re: ga-p35-ds3 can't get past memory test

    when the issue happened, does it come with any beep?

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    Default Re: ga-p35-ds3 can't get past memory test

    Did you go in the BIOS and set your ram DDR2 voltage to the specified voltages? If not it may never work, sometimes you even need a different stick/brand that will at least start at 1.8V to get in there and set it to your model you want to use voltages.

    Some will start at 1.8 ( The boards default ) and some will not. If you can get in and set your voltages then it means your sticks will run at 1.8, but that could likely be the issue, use Control + F1 on the main page of the BIOS, then go into MIT section and set the ram to your ram's Voltage which is likely + 0.1 = 1.9V or + 0.3 =2.1V But I cant say for sure since you didnt list your model # and amount of ram. Corsair though, some models different sets of the same model have different voltages so best to look at the sticker on your ram and see what it says it should be running at.

    If you are using 4GB 2x2gb or 4x1gb you should also add + 0.1V - + 0.15V to your MCH voltage setting while you are in MIT section, and set refresh to act delay on 52-62 to see if that helps as well

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