Joined up and want to post this possible fix for a problem with stuttering audio when I eneable AHCI on my GA-P35C-DS3R as I read some other peeps are having this issue. Got the mobo last 10 days ago, installed xp without AHCI. (I did not use xpress recovery as I use another linux based recovery method, so made an image of my C drive for backup, sticking the image on another HD and also to DVD )

Took me a few days of searching to work out this AHCI thing and how to enable it, so I reinstalled window xp with my sata drive on ICH9R controller, installed the driver by using the F6 method while installing xp. Booted up fine but then I noticed that when I played audio, the sound would stutter for some reason and my mouse would also stutter, I enabled Write Caching but no difference. I am using a HDA Explosion 7.1 card in the bottom pci slot, moved it to another slot, no change. So I went back to disabling AHCI.

I then stumbled upon the fact it was possible to enable AHCI without reinstalling xp, so I went back to my non AHCI enabled image, followed the instructions here:

HOWTO: enable AHCI mode after installing Windows - PC Perspective Forums

Rebooted and so far ( fingers crossed ) I have no stuttering at all, in fact it runs without ( fingers crossed ) any problems. This is my first intel build having used amd for many years, I do a fair bit video editing, used to take ages on my old nf4 pc, not things seem to fly, used to take about 1 hour and 25 mins to converts a 800mb avi to dvd, now it takes 24 mins !

I did get confused over AHCI as all my older builds just saw any sata drives as sata in the bios, this one said IDE so it threw me a little !

The build of this DSR3 is very impressive, solid as a rock but I wish it would have had one more usb header on it. I will test the pc during the day if I get enough time, run some benchmarks ect to stress it but so far, problem sorted. I dont exactly know why this seems to have solved the stuttering, maybe its the way the windows installs the hardware...

( I hope I dont get in to trouble for posting a link to another forum ! )