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Thread: GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2.0 won't boot

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    Default GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2.0 won't boot

    I've been sitting on this motherboard/cpu/ram/etc for some time now; I built the system back in January, and it didn't work then. I didn't have time to play with it, and my troubleshooting was leading to frustrating, answerless ends. So I stuck the whole thing in a box in the corner an resolved to do something about it 'someday'.

    Well, that's today. I dusted it all off and started some extensive troubleshooting. Basically, when I start up the computer, the CPU fan makes a few false starts, and I get no video output. I've tried two different PCIe cards and an old PCI card; no dice. When I remove the CPU, the fan spins up marvelously, and sometimes spins up if the CPU is in but the fan is not locked down. So this leads me to believe that something is up with the way the CPU is seated. I've reseated it about six or seven times now, and I'm a little afraid that I've broken the CPU just from futzing with it so much. Most of the little copper contact circles on the bottom have a pin mark dead center, though many have a mark off to one side or not at all.

    Here are the system specifications:
    CPU: Intel Core Duo E6750 w/stock fan
    MB: GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2.0
    RAM: 2x 1.0 gb Corsair CM2X-1024-6400C4 2.1V ver2.1
    Video: Radeon HD3850 (Also tested with GeForce 6600 and an ultra-modern GeForce 2MX-200)
    Power: ThermalTake Purepower 500W

    I don't have any HDDs connected right now. I don't know if the issue is with the CPU or the Mobo; I could take it down to the shop if I wanted to shell out $40 to have them swap a few parts out; I'd rather avoid that. I really want to get this computer working, I've been slumming it on an old laptop for quite some time now!

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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2.0 won't boot

    Sounds to me since you say some are "Off" that you have bent pins inside the socket, do they all look ok?

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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3L Rev 2.0 won't boot

    Take a look at this article. It is a step by step tutorial that will determine why your computer will not start.

    The last resort may be to bring your parts to a shop to test but there are plenty of steps to do before that has to be done.

    What to Do If Your Computer Doesn’t Turn On

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