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Thread: GA-P35-DS4 Failure to POST, multiple beeps

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    Angry GA-P35-DS4 Failure to POST, multiple beeps

    I've had this motherboard running for a few months now and it had been great until a couple of days ago. I came home and found the computer off without explanation. I went to turn it back on and all I got was endless beeps until the computer restarts itself, only to continue beeping. Here's what I've done so far:

    -Replaced the power supply, no effect. The first one I was using was a 500 watt and I replaced it with a 650 watt thinking that I had burnt the first one out.
    -Swapped memory slots, used only one stick (Crucial Ballistix 1066, 2x1GB).
    -Unlikely as it seemed, used a different power cord.
    -Took graphics card (GeForce 8800 PCI-E 512MB) out and used a PCI card instead.

    None of these had an effect.

    The manual refers to multiple short beeps as a "power failure" but I guess I've eliminated that possibility. In total there are about 12-13 beeps about 1/2 second apart, before it restarts and does it all over again. Maybe someone else more familiar with the board knows what that means.

    To be clear, there is no display on the monitor, so it is not possible to use any test or recovery applications.

    I am at my wit's end here, so I'd appreciate any help. I'll definitely be watching the thread for requests for more specific info. Thank you.

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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS4 Failure to POST, multiple beeps

    Have you tried a CMOS reset? Look in the manual

    Turn off and unplug the computer
    Short the two CLR_CMOS pins with a jumper cap (off a HDD or similar)
    Remove cap, plug power in, boot, get into BIOS and load optimised defaults

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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS4 Failure to POST, multiple beeps

    Well, I feel somewhat foolish now. I did do that, but to no effect. I reset the CMOS again and I got into the BIOS and restored settings as you reccomended. Now I have what appears to be a Windows problem, which, as annoying as it can be, is much more managable than a hardware failure.

    Thanks for the advice. If it continues as a hardware problem, I guess I'll just revive the thread.

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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS4 Failure to POST, multiple beeps

    If you need some help with your error, post some more info and I will see if I can point ya in the right direction

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