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Thread: Lucky GA-EP35 boot cycle fix

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    Default Lucky GA-EP35 boot cycle fix

    I built a new machine 3 months ago on a GA-EP35-DS4 and was very happy with the performance until a few days ago. It started to intermittently get the dreaded cold boot cycle in the morning. It wouldn't post.

    Having gone through 2 months of pain and anguish with my previous GA board and some high end Corsair sticks (still emotionally scarred ), I knew the symptoms and these were slightly different. The cycle between boot was less than 2 seconds, and wasn't fixed by swapping in low spec sticks.

    In fact, it behaved the same way if I pulled the memory altogether. It was starting to look like a dud power unit, at which I nearly cried because I had paid the big bucks and bought a Silverstone Decathlon 850, and was really impressed with it.

    I set up a spare PSU next to the box and plugged the 24 pin and 8 pin connectors into the motherboard and it immediately posted. When I finished my childish yet heartfelt tantrum around the room, I proceeded to pull the Silverstone out of the box.

    And thats when I noticed it. The 24pin modular molex cable was in backwards. That is, the split plug (20 pin/4 pin) that goes in the mobo was plugged into the PSU. I thought they were identical and it didn't matter, but the locking mechanism on the mobo connector is slightly smaller than the PSU plug.

    I reversed the plugs and it posted immediately. When I put it the back the wrong way, the plug in the PSU almost imperceptibly oozed back out about a millimeter, and only some of the pins were connecting. Hard to see it happen with the PSU still in the case, but easy with it removed.

    I 'm sure most of the gurus on this forum have seen this before (and thanks for the help over the years, BTW), but if it saves one rube lurker like me the pain and suffering of RMA'ing a perfectly good board or PSU then its worth the time to post it.

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    Default Re: Lucky GA-EP35 boot cycle fix

    Luckily that did not fry anything!

    Well you saved yourself from needless RMA good job!

    And good luck with future issues, if you feel it is needed!

    Post back anytime

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