This is a tip for people trying to avoid re-installing windows (xp) when switching the sata connection bios setting to RAID, for me it takes many hours to get all my programs installed, settings sorted and tweaks finished. It likely doesn't apply to more than 1% of people installing this board but would have saved me time if I'd read it. And finally it obviously applies for systems where your boot disk is not part of the raid set.

This board only has ICH9R sata ports, if you have xp32 ( maybe problem exists with other xp's/vista ) and try to switch your bios sata setting to RAID you get the 07b? stop bluescreen and machine reboots. I managed to enable the raid controller without re-installing windows and quickly at that, as I didnt see this tip when I searched the forums here and spent hours and hours searching other forums and meddling with the registry, tricking driver installers, booting to rescue mode to manually copy drivers etc with no success.

buy $10 - $15 pci 1x sata card
install motherboard and make sure xp works with bios sata set to ide ( or whatever that non-raid, non-ahci setting is called )
install sata card and drivers for it
switch boot drive to 1x sata card
enable raid in bios
boot xp, install intel matrix raid drivers, reboot
[optional but i did] switch boot disk back to on motherboard sata connector

avoiding a re-install of windows was easily worth the cost of the card, and now i have an extra esata connection w/o adding the funky connector thing that came with this board.

i can now toggle the raid on and off in bios and boot into xp either way,
so obviously installing the raid drivers didn't gerk my system, if the stupid intel raid driver installer wouldn't refuse to install w/o raid 'on' in bios, there'd be no need for a separate sata port. So many wasted hours trying to trick the dang thing into installing... grrr.