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Thread: 875P no keyboard

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    Default 875P no keyboard

    Hi, I'm guessing I shorted my mobo & I'm looking for suggestions to confirm this and/or work around it.

    It happened when I unplugged my Logitech G15 keyboard accidentally while in the middle of gaming. The comp froze & I turned the power off to reboot.

    Now the system posts but won't recognize any keyboard. It also won't recognize my SATA drive. Which is my boot drive. It posts normally then beeps repeatedly when the peripheral loading begins. It stops beeping at the point which windows would load & just sits there on a black screen. If I boot with the WinXP disc in it asks to press any key to boot from disc, which I can't, & eventually times out & goes to black screen.

    I've tried multiple USB & PS2 keyboards & swapping things out & around with no luck.

    Does this sound like a short? Any suggestions?
    Thank you for your support.
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    Default Re: 875P no keyboard

    Yes that does sound like a short to your USB/PS2 port on the board

    Have you tried reinstalling the Intel .Inf Driver package? This may help >>>
    Download Software, Drivers and Utilities Filters

    If you cannot get into windows then you may be out of luck in doing that though, which sadly it sounds like you wont be able to.

    What you could do is try to change ports of your SATA drives by just pluggin it into a different slot to see if you can eventually get into windows.

    If not, you may need to RMA the board due to static shock shorting out the USB/PS2 port. It should not happen when you unplug things like that, I often unplug several things while PC's are on. But stuff does happen so you never know, but it does sound to me as if you have static shocked your board.

    You could/should also see if you get anywhere with only ONE stick of ram in slot one

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