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Thread: GA-EP35-DS3L BIOS problems

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    Default GA-EP35-DS3L BIOS problems


    I just built a new computer using the GA-EP35-DS3L motherboard and an intel E8400. Out of the box, the motherboard supports the 45nm cpu, but I made the mistake of flashing the BIOS to a version that does not support the CPU. Stupid mistake, yes.

    Now the computer does a start-stop cycle non-stop and does not POST or anything.

    I understand this board is Dual BIOS. Is there a way that I can revert back to the BIOS that was previously installed? The hard drive is empty, since I didn't even have a chance to install the OS yet.

    So it has a working BIOS, but it cannot detect or use my cpu, leaving me with a useless computer.

    I've searched for a couple hours on the internet to find no help.

    Please help!


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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L BIOS problems

    Sounds like you'll have to hot flash it, if you know anyone who has an identical motherboard and is willing to let you try it.

    Or if you could borrow a cpu that it does support from someone, it might post and you could then flash it with a floppy.
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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L BIOS problems

    Is there any other way other than using a different cpu?

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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L BIOS problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstone-Z View Post
    Is there any other way other than using a different cpu?
    i really doubt it, iirc the bios chips on these boards are not removable. and as for the dual bios.... dont expect any help there, its a "virtual" dual bios, you still only have one chip, which is pretty much never going to help anyone for anything, ever.

    if you dont have anyone with a loaner proc, try a local pc shop, they should help.
    if all else fails, buy the absolute cheapest processor the board supports. it never hurts to have spare parts around
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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L BIOS problems

    No, you are going to need a CPU that works with the BIOS you flashed it to. Why did you flash back to a unsupported version anyway? I know it is too late, but just wondering

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