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Thread: GA-EP35-DS3L CPU fan question

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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L CPU fan question

    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    You could get a Fan controller for $10 or so

    I mentioned Easytune not speedfan, did you try ET? With Smart enabled in the BIOS?
    I see this is the never-ending story. For many users
    working comfort and silence is priority, and they
    occasionaly use full computing power. They expect motherboard to do the job. It is natural. No one suspect
    this won't work. It is nasty surprise, and users
    expect free update of BIOS etc., not walk into the shop
    and spent additional $10. Actually good automatic fan control system is much more expensive e.g:
    mCubed T-Balancer bigNG | Peripherals | Reviews | Custom PC ($70)
    SpeedFan also sometimes do the job, but it is a lot of work to figure out how to do this. E.g. my P35-DS4
    has three PWM controllers, two of them connected
    simultaneously to CPU 4-PIN, and third to SYSFAN1.
    I've spent many days to find this.

    I think it is more general problem of Gigabyte
    and other manufacturers. I suggest:

    1. Hire experienced engineer who knows the problem.
    For example I own air cleaner from Electrolux, with massive 300mm fan and it is inaudible! It can measure
    noise and dust level in the room and automaticaly
    adjust fan speed. During the night I can sleep, during the day traffic noise is large and fan speed is increased.

    2. Modern PC has a large heat capacity, e.g. my PC
    requires 20 minutes of workload to reach steady temperatures. You can wait safely some time without
    increasing fan speed immediately. Peak CPU usage
    might mean compressing large file for e.g. 5 minutes only.

    3. If you add somehow ability to detect presence of the user (software or hardware) then you might put all fans
    at 100% without annoying anyone.

    I hope when I deicide to upgrade mobo, fan control
    will be at state-of-art level.
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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L CPU fan question

    I use Zalman ZM-MFC1 ($25-30) and it controls 4 fans plus 2 5/12V switches. Very nice for the $$

    BIOS updates are free, who is charging you $10? Or was you just saying in general that there is places that will allow you to pay for a BIOS update if you are silly enough to do so?

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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3L CPU fan question

    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    Ya? I dunno where Janus is, wish he/she would stop in more often for sure!

    Why? You are doing his work for him for free.
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