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Thread: First OC Attempt - Assistance Needed

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    Default First OC Attempt - Assistance Needed

    hello all,

    i recently constructed my first rig. runs great. now i want to overclock my E2180. im using the GA-G31M-S2L mobo. ive read all over the place that the E2180 can be easily OC'ed to around 3ghz. is this possible with my setup? if not, then what is? im not really trying to max out my setup here, i just want to get a little more juice. however, i've never done any kind overclocking. what steps do i need to take?

    ive already updated to the latest bios version. am i just going to be changing the FSB and the Vcore values in the bios? im assuming that this isnt going to be a tremendous amount of work, just might be a little tediuous.

    thank you for your time, in advance, your help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: First OC Attempt - Assistance Needed

    You have to have a good set of cooling system for your processor, chipset, and others.

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    Default Re: First OC Attempt - Assistance Needed

    I had this exact motherboard and got rid of it due to it only having 2 RAM slots and many other things which are horribly bad. I am now running the P31-DS3L motherboard and it runs great with a 9800GTX graphics and an E8200 overclocked to 3.4Ghz from 2.66Ghz (original speed).

    Now I managed to overclock it with the last board to 3.2Ghz, It would not go any further due to crappyness and other factors (like i did not know how to set RAM timing until i figured out the CTRL+F1 to unlock more features). Watch out for the northbridge (the G31 chipset underneath the CPU area), It can get VERY hot, so make sure there is VERY good airflow in your case. My case (Coolermaster CM690) has a very good cable management system so my case has excellent airflow and the computer stays at a good temp.

    If you want to overclock I suggest you get the same board as I have the P31-DS3L, or the model up with the P35 chipset or higher if you can afford it (X38 or X48 chipset).

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    Default Re: First OC Attempt - Assistance Needed

    Have you read the pinned overclocking Guide I posted? If not check it out, it will help you alot in knowing how to start overclocking. All the same will apply for your board, but yeah Johnny is right a better board will get you further

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