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Thread: EP45-DS4 system freeze problem - RAM problem?

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    Default EP45-DS4 system freeze problem - RAM problem?

    I just purchased a new PC:

    Antec P182 case
    Q9450 + zalman NCPS9500 LED
    memory: OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) DDRII800, CL 4-4-4-15, Titanium (OCZ2T800C44GK) 2.1V
    9800GTX black edition
    OCZ StealthXtream 600W PSU

    well, in BIOS i changed RAM voltage from default 1.8V to 2.1V, everything else left to Defaults.. then started to install XP. Install froze after 5 minutes, keyboard nor mouse were responding but system was running. It happened every time i tried to install OS. Well it looks like it was a memory problem. Today i tried Memtest86+. It stopped after 3 minutes of testing... Help please

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    Default Re: EP45-DS4 system freeze problem - RAM problem?

    According to OZCīs own specs for these mems they need 2.2Volt. And that is +0.4 in Gigabyte bios. According to your post you have them at 2.1V. So raise the Voltage a notch and try again. Post again if that doesnt help.

    Also you could add +0.1 to (G)MCH (northbridge) for stability etc..
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    Mobo - Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4
    CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @3.6GHz
    RAM - Mushkin Redline XP2 PC8000
    GFX - Gigabyte Geforce 8800GT Type B
    PSU - Hiper Type R MKII 680W

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    Default Re: EP45-DS4 system freeze problem - RAM problem?

    thank you for reply,
    In resellers website the voltage for this memory was 2.1V ,
    Well, unfortunately same thing is happening when i add extra 0.1V.. it freeze even in BIOS, faster than before..
    I will send PC back to reseller, and see if they will solve this problem and ask them to Install OS, i've had enough trying to get PC up and running for 3rd day, i am tired..

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    Default Re: EP45-DS4 system freeze problem - RAM problem?

    2.2 is the warrantied voltages allowed, not needed 2.1 is fine for most any stick, normally less then that is needed depending on speeds and timings. The "Spec" voltages are what has been tested for it to run stable at, and is the max warrantied. Not always what it needs to be stable though, always best to try for the lowest

    You need to set manually Refresh to Act Delay (trfc) to 52-62 for 2x2 sticks, and add +1-2 MCH as well
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