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Thread: GA P35 DS3R (rev 2.1)

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    Default GA P35 DS3R (rev 2.1)

    I built a system using this board last week. Here are the specs:

    4gb RAM
    Vista Home Premium 32
    Creative Xfi sound card
    XFX 8500GT pci-e

    The bios have been flashed to version F3.

    Things started out fine. But, after a few days, the boot started stopping at the logo screen or the post screen (depends on bios setting) and sits there. The disk activity light flashes for a few seconds when the screen first comes on and then it stops. It looks like nothing is happening for 3 or 4 minutes. Then it proceeds with the boot opens Vista and is stable from thene until the next re-boot. What do you suggest I try?

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    Default Re: GA P35 DS3R (rev 2.1)

    Check your Vista startup options. If you have activated a multiple boot system, then that is where the start up pauses for what seems an eternity. As soon as you get to that point, press the 'Enter' key.

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    Default Re: GA P35 DS3R (rev 2.1)

    Please forgive my ignorance, but where can I access the start up options?

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    Default Re: GA P35 DS3R (rev 2.1)

    4GB of ram... What ram and what amounts of it do you have?

    Are you using AHCI if so this could likely be the cause as well, I'd suggest not using it. The main/best feature of it is already enabled in vista without using it as long as your drive supports it (NCQ). If you are using it... or not, please post what drive you have plugged into what colored ports on your board, and post a image of your Hard drive BIOS settings as it sounds like you may have them set improperly since you suggest (Depends on BIOS settings)

    If you do not dual boot vista/xp then the above is not the issue. But if you still want to look around to get into options like he mentioned when vista first starts, or your pc first starts keep hitting F8 and you should be presented with several things. Memory tests (Which are useless) and the same old XP options such as choosing safe mode, loading last know good and so on. but like I said this is likely not your issue

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