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Thread: Ep45-ds5 & dq6

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    Default Re: Ep45-ds5 & dq6

    I post an addendum frommy opinion on the situation for the question of 4 disk and how we manage them -

    Look at TEST0 - HOW MANY Maximum HardDisk Supported???

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    Default Re: Ep45-ds5 & dq6

    JMB363 "Supports Port Multiplier with Command-based Switching" on each SATA2 port. Thus, you could connect two Port Multipliers to the SATA2 ports of the JMB363. And IIRC one Port Multiplier can connect up to 15 SATA devices. Most (by google) external port multiplier based disk enclosures seem to take five hard drives. So theoretically you could have 30 SATA disks behind the JMB363 (that is on PCIe x1). You would prefer frame-based switching (FIS), but JMB363 supports the command-based.

    SiI5723 is a Port Multiplier. The SteelVine Manager (which is probably what the GA-EP45-DQ6 rev 1001 manual writer had in mind when talking about GIGABYTE Smart Backup tool) manual does implies that the 5723 is usually in external enclosure, with "box temperature" and all. SiI5723 is a Port Multiplier in order to allow the JBOD, SAFE33, and SAFE50 modes. SAFE, SPAN, and FAST all present only one logical drive, and thus would not require the port multiplier bit nor support for PM in the host controller.

    The SteelVine Manager manual does explain the cascade of SiI controllers. Yes, eSATA brackets and external SiI enclosures would allow that. IF. If there would be chance to manage the root of the cascade, ie the SiI5723 chip that is on the Gigabyte motherboard.

    But having several disks behind PCIe x1 bandwidth is not so nice.

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    Question Re: Ep45-ds5 & dq6

    I must have read this thread 10 times over and don't yet understand what all those chips are for ?

    3 chip that are less useful than one, I now hate this board so much,

    It's not any better than EP45-UD3R for total Sata (8)

    Can I just do ONE , RAID 1 ?

    Steelvine see nothing (w7x64), bios has 2 option and there's no GUI or key to press at boot.

    So how ?

    Wish to thank you for this in-dept research, and a big F-U to gigabyte for such poor documentation.

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