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Thread: SATA Drive Not Recognized in Win XP Pro

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    Default Re: SATA Drive Not Recognized in Win XP Pro

    The drive is recognized and set Active, but Windows is only seeing it as 149.05 GB when it is a 320 GB drive! I don't know if the SATA controller is not picking it up, or what.

    When I run Seagate's SeaTools for DOS, it doesn't even see the drive. It says 2 devices shown, but it only displays the PATA drive.

    I tried switching SATA data cables, but no change. I also tried setting the jumper for 1.5 GB/sec (although mobo is supposed to recognize 3.0 GB/sec).

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    Default Re: SATA Drive Not Recognized in Win XP Pro

    You only need to post your issues in one thread.

    That being said, here is my reply from the other thread >>>
    Did you not format the drive to NTFS? If not you should reformat it as NTFS

    And are you sure you are looking at the correct drive? As a 160GB would show as 149 not a 320

    Can you post me a image of Both drives Properties windows from my computer?

    Also, you need to run and setup your disk for first use as I stated in my last post here with Disk Wizard, not Seatools. See my link I posted and download and use that tool >>>

    Do not worry, this is not your boards error (Unless you still have incorrect BIOS settings) these things are normal with some new drives. And since you are new to SATA you are unfamiliar with it is all

    When you set it active, did windows assign it a drive letter? If not you should manually do this from disk management. It may all be fine once you run disk wizard, you will want to choose "For Storage" in there, not a Operating System

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