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Thread: need help with OCZ 667 memories

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    Default need help with OCZ 667 memories

    I need help to setup the new board EP45-DS4P with the OCZ DDR2 -667. I am a newbie and total have no knowledge of how to setup anew computer. My friend asked me to go to this website to signed up and very helpful to guide me to build up the new computers. Here the parts I just bought today:
    1- Ga-EP45-DS4P
    1- Intel E6600- 2.40 Ghz
    1- 200 Gb Seagate SATA
    1- 4 x 1Gb OCZ26672048ELGEGXT-K
    1- Pioneer DVD Writer SATA
    1- Video Card ATI 1950 Pro
    1- Win XP Home editions
    1- 720 Watt ENERMAX GALAXY Power Supply
    1- Computer Case Lian Li
    After he Set up all parts together and installed the windows XP Home for me and he could not continue, because he has to to to business trip to States. Now I am stuck here ! I don't know how to set up the memory in bios and video card setting in bios, After reading the manual come with motherboard I can get to the bios setting screen, after I took a look at the screen, I am so confuse that I don't expect so many numbers and I don't understand any of them what they mean !!!
    Here is my big concern:
    1)- What is the setting for the MIT ? and What are these setting ? Do I need them ? Or Leaving them all set at auto ?
    2)-Do I need to set any number for video card ?
    3)-What else do I need to set ?
    4)- Why the Hard Disk LED keep flashing like crazy all the time even when i did nothing after the OS Loaded, It Flashing even I left computers alone for 1 hours, no screensavers, is it normal ? My friend had the computer when he left it alone its Hard disk drive LED not flashing crazy like mine !!!
    I checked the boot up screen it show that the bios version is F1 !!
    Thanks for you helps

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    Default Re: need help with OCZ 667 memories

    Well you may have issues with that ram, but I will post you some settings to try. Most 667 will run at 800 so I will post you those as well if you like, let me know

    You can if you want leave everything on AUTO, is your board running fine?

    No, you dont need to do anything for the Video card in the BIOS

    The LED runs because the smart backup is making a backup of your disk or trying to anyway. You would need to update the BIOS to fix this, if you feel up to it, DO NOT USE @BIOS, please use Qflash. Here is some info about that issue by other users stating BIOS updates fixed it >>>

    Ya, you likely would want to update your BIOS, Read your manual about Qflash. If you need help let me know and I can help you. Do you have a USB stick, or a floppy drive installed?

    Please let me know if you feel up to changing the BIOS, and if you want some suggested settings for the MIT section and I can post some for you after we get your BIOS updated

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