A blind flash floppy should run fine. I use winrar to extract from the Exe downloaded BIOS files. Here you can get winrar 3.71 trial, about halfway down page >>>
WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files

You will use the Flash895 util instead of awardflash it is the same

Then right click the BIOS exe files and choose extract here. You can try both way with reg BIOS name .F and try with renamed to .bin Just edit the batch file accordingly.

It will appear as nothing is going on if it is working. Just dont shut down your PC. If it reboots in a few seconds as normal then it is not working

No, nothing will do the same as the linked blind flash setup. You do have to make the batch file and such though on a different pc of course.

And ya know since you removed your Floppy it may not work right, was the board working when you removed it or was this after it failed? It should work as long as you didn't remove it while the board still worked

Good luck, Hope you do not have to RMA. On a positive note I hear RMA has only been taking a few weeks here lately