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Thread: GA-EP45-DS3R fan headers

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    Default GA-EP45-DS3R fan headers

    There is some confusion and ambiguity with the fan headers on this board. I think that Iíve figured most of it, but I still have another question or two. For the sake of others who are figuring this out, Iíll explain what Iíve found and Iíll include my remaining questions at the end of this post.

    CPU_FAN: 4 pin, 12 V: This one is controllable with Speedfan or EasyTune when a 4 pin PWM fan is used. I donít know whether it can be controlled when a 3 pin non-PWM fan is used.

    SYS_FAN2: 4 pin, 12V or 5V? The manual reportedly contains a typo in the pinout description. The manual shows that pins 2 (power) and 4 (speed control) are reversed, though this is apparently incorrect. The manual also states that the power pin in this header is 5 volts instead of the standard 12 volts. When a 3 pin fan is plugged into this header, it will run much slower than when it is plugged into one of the other 12 volt headers, suggesting that it is powered at only 5 volts. However, a FanMate2 doesnít seem to work when used on this header. Maybe itís running at 12V pulsed power instead of 5 volts continuous? If I plug a Kama PWM 120 fan into this header, it will stall when the power is turned on, and I can start and stop it with a finger. However, I can also make it unstall if I bump up the power in Speedfan. Iím pretty sure that I tried to control a 3 pin fan with Speedfan and it didnít respond. Iím guessing that this header is stuck at a low power setting when a 3 pin fan is used.

    SYS_FAN1: 3 pin 12 V: I havenít yet been able to use Speedfan to control the power to this header. A FanMate2 works as expected.

    PWR_FAN: 3 pin 12 V: I havenít yet been able to use Speedfan to control the power to this header. A FanMate2 works as expected.


    • Is it possible to use software to control 3 pin non-PWM fans at all on this board?

    • Whatís going on with SYS_FAN2? Why is a FanMate2 responsive? Is there ANY way to adjust the power for a 3 pin fan?

    • Speedfan vs EasyTune vs DES: One annoyance that Iíve encountered is that EasyTune disables Speedfan control of all fan headers at bootup. I can reenable software control via Speedfan (Confiugration/Advanced: ON/OFF => Software Controlled), though itís a pain to do this every time I start the computer. If I uninstall EasyTune, maybe this wouldnít happen. However, is EasyTune required in order to keep all of the low power features (DES) of this board? Is there a way to configure EasyTune so that it wonít disable software control of the fan headers?

    I'm a fanatic about keeping my computer quiet, and thus I'm interested in having maximum control over the fans as well keeping power usage (Heat generation) as low as possible. I'm a fan of | Everything about Silent / Quiet Computers

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-DS3R fan headers

    Easytune and DES are separate, so you can uninstall Easytune if you like. There are many other softwares that will show you the same info. And overclocking if done should be done in the BIOS anyway.

    As for 3 pin fans, yes they can be controlled with speedfan, although I am not so sure about that sys_fan2 header. Similar issues and concerns were posted about the exact same header in the P35 boards. Heck, some would not work AT ALL.

    I would recommend you either get a Fan Controller better then fanmate, or just actually do not use the Sys_fan2 header and use spliced molex or other connector in conjunction with a fan controller or fan mate

    I would also recommend you uninstall Easytune, CPU-z, GPU-z, and speedfan can show you all of the same info.

    As for speedfan and your other headers, you will likely need to send a config file or (Not sure the name of it anymore as I do not use it) but you will need to send a file to the maker so he can update it for your chipset/sensor sets. I believe this info is on the main page. And also, it just plain does not always work with all sensors even after correctly programmed and configured. Here is the email you can send your info to for a config update. Or join if you have not already and see if your board is listed >>>
    SpeedFan Configuration Manager

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