hello all....i found this thread after lots of searching and posting on other forums. i was actually pointed here by another forum member of another site.

anyway....im having this same problem with my gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H mobo....its not letting me install vista. ive followed the suggestion of "nanohead" shown here:

"It was tricky, but they run fine. First, there are no "gigabyte" drivers per se. They are simply AMD drivers for the SB700 southbridge. One problem for SURE is that the gigabyte packaged southbridge drivers suck, and do not function properly. MSI has one that works, so does Asus. You can go to their respective websites, and download their "RAID drivers" (ignore the raid part, they all include AHCI ((ignore that too)) and storport). Make sure you get the drivers for your operating system, XP and Vista are different.

The SB is definitely sensitive as to where you connect the Hard disks from. The jumpers do not affect any of this stuff. You can see some more BIOS options is you hit Ctrl-F1 when you go into BIOS.

First, try connecting 1 disk only to SATA 0. If you have a SATA optical drive, then connect that one to SATA 4 (the one twisted sideways). There is some flakiness with SATA optical drives for sure, no one knows why. But I was able to reliably get past it. AHCI is also somewhat of a mess at the moment with ALL AMD based southbridges.

Keep the settings as you said with 0-3 IDE and 4/5 IDE as well. AHCI does work better with Vista SP1, and it will allow you to install the drivers using a USB stick connected to the machine, but XP I had no luck with.

If you have problems getting drivers to work, let me know and I'll email you a tested set. But these boards work great... it was a botch up with Gigabytes packaging of the mass storage drivers. "

ive downloaded the suggested "good" drivers from the MSI website and tried to install those but it doesnt accept them. for the record, im getting all the way to the point in the vista install where i can click "Next" and "Install Now" at the very beginning. it says "please wait..." and then it gives me a prompt asking for drivers. i assume its the raid drivers, so i tried to use the ones off the msi site, but to no avail. it wont accept them.

weird thing is, im able to install xp without any problems so i guess the mobo is still good, i just cant get past this driver issue. im currently trying to slipstream sp1 vista and burn to a dvd but i havent finished that yet. in the meantime, im using vista (without any sp) to do the install.

please help, i am SO FRUSTRATED right now and dont want to have to rma this board if i dont have to. thanks in advance.