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Thread: 10 hard drives on an EP45-DS5?

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    Default 10 hard drives on an EP45-DS5?

    I've been using a Gigabyte EP35-DS3R without problems in my computer, and yesterday I upgraded to an EP45-DS5 (rev 1.0) so I would have an extra couple of SATA ports and another PCIE 16x slot. I currently have 8 SATA hard drives, none in RAID. My DVD drive is IDE.

    When I plugged them in to the new motherboard and started it up, some of them weren't detected. I tried them in different ports in case there was some practical difference between the yellow and purple ones, even though there hadn't been on my old motherboard - remember I'm not using RAID. When I started up Windows XP, it said my drives needed repairing. It scrolled up a long list of files with something about orphaned entries (it wouldn't let me pause it to read). Once I got into Windows, I was still missing a couple of drives and one of my drives appeared to be duplicated. The contents of one were corrupted. Fortunately I have backups.

    So I went into the BIOS (ver. F7) to see what might be wrong, and I noticed some funny behaviour with the drive detection. Drives were missing where they were plugged in, and some displayed as "[ NONE]" but contained the parameters of the drives that were plugged in. SATA RAID is disabled in Integrated Peripherals.
    I did a Google search and came across this forum, where people seem to be having similar problems. I ended up finding the fineprint where it says to use GS0 or GS2, but what particularly bothers me is this: (this photo was taken with only 3 hard drives and the DVD drive plugged in - I removed the other five 1TB drives)
    There are entries for 10 drives. I have 10 SATA ports, plus another two for IDE (Channel 4 I guess, since that's where my ATAPI DVD is showing up). So why aren't there entries for 12 drives in the BIOS?

    Although I can't find it anywhere in the manual, I have this terrible feeling that RAID is compulsory for the purple SATA ports, and I can't actually connect 10 hard drives unless I switch to RAID.

    Can anyone confirm this?
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    Default Re: 10 hard drives on an EP45-DS5?

    Quite right. See

    Your board has two SATA controllers: a 6-port IHC10R and a 2-port GSATA2. That is 8 ports. Each port of the GSATA2 has a device already connected to it: a Silicon Image 5723. Each SiI5723 has two SATA2 connectors, but the only mode offered for 5723 in current BIOS is the RAID1 (marketed as "Smart Backup function"), so if you put two disks on GS0&GS1 (or GS2&GS3), you get one RAID1 volume. Not sure if the latest beta BIOS is different.

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    Default Re: 10 hard drives on an EP45-DS5?

    Yeah, there has been much dismay with the P45 controllers. I am upset myself

    If you need any further help after reading that thread then post back, here or there. Those guys have some great knowledge posted in there!

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    Default Re: 10 hard drives on an EP45-DS5?

    Thanks Mv2devnull. I found a newer version (v1004) of the manual on their web site. Emphasis mine:

    (Note 4) A SiI5723 chip supports two SATA 3Gb/s connectors, so the four SATA 3Gb/s connectors are divided into to two pairs: GS0-Source and GS1 as a pair and GS2-Source and GS3 as a pair. When installing SATA hard drive(s) to the connector(s), be sure to enter BIOS Setup to enable the Smart Backup function. If only one SATA hard drive is to be installed, please connect it to the GS0-Source or GS2-Source connector, or the system may not read it correctly. If the SATA hard drive to be installed already contains data, be sure to connect it to the GS0-Source or GS2-Source connector, or the data will be lost. After connecting the hard drive, be sure to enter BIOS Setup to set Smart Backup Initial to Enabled. (Refer to Chapter 2, "BIOS Setup," "Integrated Peripherals," for more information.)
    Holy ****! And they hide this in a footnote in a website manual revision?

    This belongs on a big sticker taped over the SATA ports, labelled "HARD DRIVES PLUGGED INTO THESE TWO SATA PORTS WILL BE WIPED".

    Smart Backup was enabled by default on mine. Furthermore, the manual that shipped with it (v1001) contains no metion of Smart Backup or what it does.

    Very disappointed. I won't be recommending this motherboard to anyone.

    Edit: Thanks also, Lsdmeasap!
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