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Thread: Help with OC to 9.5x400: E8500 on GA-EP35C-DS3R

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    Default Re: Help with OC to 9.5x400: E8500 on GA-EP35C-DS3R

    After 18 minutes of stress testing with Orthos, I see the following temperatures:

    CoreTemp 0.99.3 says: core #0 @ 56C, core #1 @ 55C
    EasyTune 5 Pro says: system @ 38C, CPU @ 46C

    Sorry, I forgot to write down the idle temp first, but I think I remember that according to CoreTemp they were somewhere between 35 en 40C.

    I was wondering though how it is possible that my CPU as a whole is about 10C cooler than its individual cores? And how come my core temps were 6C higher last time I used Orthos, which was even for a shorter time? Makes me wonder how reliable all these measurements are...
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    Default Re: Help with OC to 9.5x400: E8500 on GA-EP35C-DS3R

    Yeap, those are all well within the norms

    It is because there is 3 DTS's ( Digital Thermal Sensor ) inside the CPU

    The One that is between the 2 cores is the cooler reading, known by most programs as CPU Temp

    The CPU cores each have their own DTS directly within each core, and are known as the Core Temp

    There is normally a difference of 10 +/- between the Core's DTS temp and the CPU's DTS temps...... which being between the cores is not as hot as right inside a either core

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    Default Re: Help with OC to 9.5x400: E8500 on GA-EP35C-DS3R and OCZ 1066 RAM

    your suggestion to this are greatly appreciated as i am unsure of the implications of using the info posted here for 800 when using 1066 mhz ram 4gb and moving up to 8

    as a side question using 800 and 1066 on the same setup is this okay? both ocz platinum's

    thanks very much

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