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Thread: Gigabyte ep-45ds4p easter egg

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    Exclamation Gigabyte ep-45ds4p easter egg

    I have gigabyte EP-45DS4P
    I upgraded from F4>F5 for more memory speed.
    All goes good > oc to 3.8ghz using E8500 and kingston HyperX-800 (ram at 800 stock5-5-5-18)

    F6 bios comes > clear all cmos > update bios >clear cmos to defult again > use EXACT same settings for OC

    No BOOT> cmos corrupts and Dual bios kicks in to recover me >> no this is not the easter egg.....

    After much trial and error I found changing MCH frequency latch from 400mhz (to match FSB speed) to 200mhz it will boot with OC settings > but once ram is pushed to its RATED speed of 1066 (at 2.2 rated voltage and with extra .2 volts for MCH) the system crashes.

    I then proceed to add things like MCH clock skew etc etc > never have I looked past the first memory advanced timings as I left them all AUTO

    SO..... I go to change ADVANCED TIMING CONTROL >> Channel A Timing SETTINGS > add +100ps clock skew.....

    I go to Channel B Timing SETTINGS
    All the timings had -2 this and -100ps that.
    So either F6 bios defult comes with a BAD adjustment on the advanced timings OR LOAD optimised defults comes with the setting already entered that is WRONG!!
    Why is Channel A set to auto but Channel B bank adjusted?

    After resetting all settings to auto > 2.2v ram +.2 for MCH, 200mhz latch
    6x cpu multiplyer and 400mhz FSB with 2.66c memory multiplyer memtest works great and system boots like a dream.
    Can push ram to 1101Mhz (413 FSB) no troubles
    using 450fsb Ram will ERROR *1200mhz for RAM

    I am not willing to reflash to F4 > F5 >F6 to try and repoduce this > or use load optimised or load fail safe defults >> will someone else with the time try these and see if RAM advaced timing > channel B timing and Driving settings get changed?

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    Default Re: Gigabyte ep-45ds4p easter egg

    The banks are adjusted because you have ram in one bank and not the other, correct?

    You will likely have the best luck with your ram speed at the 333 MCH Strap

    and you should always set FSB just above or below 400 as that is a strap switching point and could give you some issues. I'd mean like 398 or 403, along those lines would be better overall

    If you would like some help with settings I can provide you with a full set of suggested settings for your setup. IF so please post your full specs, and what you are running or want to run your CPU at.

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    Default Re: Gigabyte ep-45ds4p easter egg

    I can get 1066mhz now with 400MCH strap - with 400mhz FSB (RAM @800mhz)

    When settings were incorrect (i did not set the advanced memory timings > some bios update magic -ed this in - 400 strap would not boot at 400mhz FSB
    333 would boot but very quickly ERROR
    200 would boot and take long time to error >> also 200 would run prime but machine would black out after around 10 minutes.

    Now with all timing reset to AUTO in advance memory bank A and B works much better > but i am going to stay with 200 MCH strap as this was most stable when settings were wrong.

    | 0 | 0

    The | is filled with stick 0 is empty > | next to CPU using same coloured slots for Dual channel mode Kingston HyperX 1066 @2.2v 5-5-5-18

    If Channel B is both 0 slots > not filled > why would settings mess up the RAM?

    3 questions >

    1: Is channel B both 0 ? or both ram slots on the right side?

    2: What relationship does MCH strap have with Ram multiplyer. I assume at stock speed for the processor (333 FSB) MCH should be set on 333 strap?
    Would this cause memory instability for Non-OC machines running 333strap (AUTO) with 333fsb?

    3: What does AUTO set MCH strap > memory multiplyer to?

    I have noticed changing all voltages to stock voltage then adjusting MCH voltage the others go up with it in small increments > linked (CPU termintion with Vcore > Memory REF with memory voltage

    Does AUTO voltages for CPU termination for example raise the voltage when Vcore is upped > or use stock voltage?

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    Default Re: Gigabyte ep-45ds4p easter egg

    Channel's are the like this >>>

    |0 <<< is one channel (DDRII 1, and DDRII 2)

    And the other |0 (DDRII 3, and DDRII 4) is the second channel

    To do dual channel as you know one in each channel (Hence Dual channel), same color slot

    Yes, you should be on the 333 or 400 Strap. For the 400 strap You may need 400+ FSB. It is never good to use exactly 400 though, so right above or below will let you use the 400 strap provided the rest of your settings are set correctly

    Nope, no instability it should be 333 or above (Depending on ram and settings) for a 333 CPU. I have no clue why you use, or could only use 200 strap. Must be whatever settings you was trying were to tight with 333 likely

    The MCH Strap is the northbridge operating Frequency, just like your ram has rated speeds and timings so does the Northbridge

    Here is some MCH/NB strap info >>>

    Adjusting your FSB strap up and down will provide more memory speed options on the newer intel chipset boards and will also provide you with a faster speed at a given strap. The higher the strap the faster your computer will run up to matching FSB of that strap. So a 400 FSB strap kicks in at 400 FSB and will not balance out until much higher say 480 or so
    I can link you to some in depth reading about FSB Straps and how they are used if you like, Actually here is the link >>>>
    Secrets of the i965 based Asus P5B and chipset strap uncovered. - The Tech Repository Forums

    See here also >>>
    AnandTech: ASUS P5E3 Deluxe Overclocking: DDR3 Takes Front Stage

    Auto does different things at different times as voltage is needed it will change

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